New in 2022 | Buechel Stone Launches 16 New Natural Stone Veneer Products

Masons assembling our new product displays show the work of art they do every day.

Don’t find customers for your product. Find products for your customers.

Seth Godin 

Such a strong statement. It’s one of the main reasons Buechel Stone expanded beyond our Wisconsin quarries. Our industry is at the mercy of design trends and Pantone’s love of new colors, and yet our natural stone is exactly what it is: NATURAL. STONE. We can’t just sprinkle new color pigments and paint colors on natural stone the way fake stone companies can to offer a new product, and that’s ok. We have a color palette only Mother Nature can paint.

Which brings us to our new offerings for 2022. Many of our new products are coming from Buechel Stone’s Kansas location, with a few from North Carolina. When we started fabrication in Kansas, we were well aware there was the potential for a much larger offering, but we also knew it was not realistic to try and do everything at once. I honestly think there’s a good chance we’ve only scratched the surface (no quarrying pun needed) and will have even more in the future.

Here’s what’s new this year!

Ginger Sands Castle Rock

Ginger Sands Castle Rock is a subtle blend of soft tan tones to a fiery copper that gives a beautiful contrast. Being in the Castle Rock line, the random squares and rectangular bedface pieces will give you subtle color variations along with a wide range of textures.

Jute Cloth Siena and Webwall

The Jute Cloth color has been a great addition to our natural stone offering. Not only was it our most popular Kansas stone launched so far, but Jute Cloth Ashlar was also the second most sold full veneer for all of Buechel Stone in 2021!

The addition of Jute Cloth Siena and Jute Cloth Webwall were the next obvious additions to our line. Jute Cloth colors lend well to the Tuscany look popular with our other Siena offerings and add a smooth, velvet beige to our Fieldledge line. Jute Cloth Webwall gives Buechel Stone a Mosaic option that is uniform in both look and texture.

Misty Grunge Tailored Blend

Like the music of the 90s, the grunge movement for design went from obscure to mainstream. The worn and utilitarian look replaced the vivid colors used in many designs found before. Grunge design uses subdued, muted colors, often combined in an abstract way. Adding the look and feel of a spring mist melds Misty Grunge Tailored Blend into a mix of beiges, creams, browns, and blue/gray. Consider accents with grunge fabric from Moda.

Misty Grunge Tailored Blend

Oiled Nubuck Castle Rock, Fieldstone, & Siena

As one of the most highly regarded and durable leathers available, Nubuck has a history of being associated with aristocracy and luxury. And like its leather counterpart that comes from a hide’s top grain, Oiled Nubuck stone is mined from the top layers of the quarry. It also has a soft velvet-like look and feel, fitting for a cigar lounge or expansive craftsman mansion. The Oiled Nubuck look is available in Castle Rock, Fieldstone, and Siena veneer options.

Silverdale Country Squire & Siena

Silverdale has been the backbone of our Kansas products, so adding additional Silverdale colors to our lineup was bound to happen. When quarrying Silverdale blocks, there are layers that create nice Ashlar heights. The linen-like tones of Silverdale fit well with a wide range of design options, from a farmhouse to a Chianti villa. This year we are adding Silverdale Siena and Silverdale Country Squire to our building stone options.

White Marigold Tailored Blend

White tones in natural stone have always been a sought-after color. The beauty of White Marigold is its hints of gold with occasional cream and yellow veins that lend to a wider range of accent colors. As part of our Dimensional line, White Marigold Tailored Blend’s precision heights make for a great linear appearance that contrasts beautifully with dark trim and accents in modern home designs.

White Marigold Tailored Blend

Highland Gray Ashlar, Castle Rock, Ledgestone, Siena, Tailored Fieldledge, and Webwall

From North Carolina, we would like to introduce you to Highland Gray. While quarrying for Highland Scotch, we came across a new vein of stone that deserved its own love and product category. The Highland Gray color palette ranges from a salt-and-pepper grain to a full-striated face, perfect for those seeking some color consistency but who love natural stone’s mixed imagery and genuineness. With occasional hints of rust and browns, it is a distinct addition to Buechel Stone’s product offering. You may have to be patient, as our current North Carolina stone demand has outpaced our capacity. Knowing the life-cycle of product selection to actual use, we felt it was still worth launching for the customers who have time to wait.

That wraps up Buechel Stone’s new products for 2022. If you would like more information about one of these products for an upcoming project or would like to order a product sample, feel free to reach out to your area’s territory sales specialist.