Pantone’s Classic Blue Hue for 2020 Design Architecture Stone Cut for Full & Thin Stone Veneers + More

Pantone announced the color of the year for 2020 and it’s Classic Blue 19-4052. Along with influencing fashion, decor, and architecture and interior design with our full or thin stone veneers and natural stone cut for exterior and interior applications; blue is one of those colors that can evoke many feelings. My first thought was from LeAnn Rimes’ hit song “Blue” from 1996 where she croons “Why can’t you be blue over me?” with her sweet voice evoking so much emotion. My next thought came from another musical inspiration; an Italian music group named Eiffel 65 and their 1999 song “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” which is a completely different style, including a techno style combined with a nonsensical rambling. Ironically at that time we were preparing for Y2K and Pantone’s color for the Year 2000 was also a blue color, Cerulean. It seems fitting that at the end of this next decade we have a blue hue to start the decade with.

Pantone Color 2000 - 2020 Collage
Pantone colors from 2000 – 2020.

Trends & Designs for 2020 | Interior & Exterior Architecture with Full & Thin Stone Veneers, Natural Stone Landscaping and More

The design community heavily influences pop culture and fashion; Buechel Stone is included in those design trends as it corresponds with architecture and interior design. We’re excited for 2020’s Color of the Year in more than one way. Pantone describes the color as, “True to its name, Classic Blue can be regal, restrained and boundless. But it can also be edgy — even anomalous — utilizing a variety of tonalities, materials and prints. (Think a new-age, Classic Blue concept car.)” ( They go on to suggest incorporating this gorgeous color as an accent color, but here at Buechel Stone we like to think big.  Instead of an accent scarf, how about a new interior wall stone masonry of B­arnwood Blue Webwall? Or maybe pairing a classic blue hued siding option with the neutral authentic colors of Fond du Lac Country Squire full stone facade or thin veneer stone cladding to give it that jump in contrast and really bring out the beauty of Classic Blue?

Chilton Rustic No reds with Classic Blue Siding
Chilton Rustic No Reds exterior stone veneer wainscoting paired with Classic Blue siding.

Blue is generally associated with the calmness and serenity associated with a bedroom setting; but can also be an elegant color when used as an accent color on pillows, vases, or even touches of blue in artwork. Classic blue also complements a variety of color schemes. When paired with pastels, a softness that creates a balance between feminine and masculine occurs. Cool grays and whites combined with Classic Blue add a touch of sophistication. Classic blue can be incorporated with many styles, textures, and patterns through all settings.

Classic Blue paired with pastel | Photo courtesy of Capture The Moment Photography by Kristel Stephany
Classic Blue complemented by pink pastel.

Classic Blue Stone and Blue Stone Colors for Exterior Architecture and Interior Design with Natural Stone

Maybe you’re working on a landscape project and want to incorporate a Classic Blue color tone but you’re not sure how. Bluestone cut stone is a great product to work with and it will also give you that blue hue you’re looking for, whether it be in a retaining stone wall or stone paver project. Bluestone can even have different finishes applied to suit your style. Or perhaps you don’t want Classic Blue but you want a different shade of color range with roots in blue. Maybe you’re looking for a dark, cool, shadow tone like Black Frost Castle Rock. Or if you want something a little lighter in the sky color tones, Charcoal Country Squire. And if you really want to make a statement (like Pantone suggests) a touch of Aqua Terra Webwall can really bring a room to life, using monochromatic blue tones aligning with the beauty of Classic Blue.

Buff Gray Country Castle Rock 50% - Chilton Country Squire 40% - Midnight Country Castle Rock 10% - Bluestone - Indiana
This house features multiple products of Buechel Stone, including Buff Gray Country Castle Rock, Chilton Country Squire, Midnight Country Castle Rock, Bluestone Cut Stone, and Indiana Limestone.

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Brianne Lisowe-Johnson
Marketing Coordinator
Buechel Stone Corp