Buechel Bio

Buechel Bio


Being one of a kind means you’re automatically the best – but we can always do more. That’s been our story since 1964, when Francis and Alyce Buechel converted their 125-acre farm into a quarry and founded Buechel Stone Corp. Just like our founders, we do our best and a little bit more. That’s why over 50 years later, Buechel Stone has become so much more than our passion for providing the finest in natural stone beauty.

We live by OUR MISSION of providing the best, most dependable experience in the natural stone industry – guaranteed. Buechel Stone’s commitment to industry-leading expertise, impeccable craftsmanship, unparalleled service, and an exceptional selection of natural stone extends well beyond quarry boundaries and showroom walls. We set out to make our customers’ experiences surprisingly easy and exciting every step of the way – from the outset of inspiration until each ornamental detail is fulfilled.

Buechel Stone’s backstory includes several industry-leading innovations; such as the production and promotion of Natural Thin Veneer, formalized training for our dealer network, and the introduction of a weep installation system for our thin veneer stone. Today we are continuing to explore timesaving technological innovations for our customers. For BIM and Revit users, we’ve invested in top-notch Autodesk-certified BIM resources; and for smaller projects or quicker 3D renderings, we’ve adapted our seamless textures for use in SketchUp. We’ve also formatted our resources for a variety of design softwares like Chief Architect, among others.

OUR VISION is simple: To become your first choice because of our unparalleled service and exceptional selection of natural stone. Additionally, every product has been carefully articulated to work in harmony with today’s sophisticated project requirements. Nowhere else can you find such a variety of stunning aesthetic distinctions, years of expertise, incredible craftsmanship, and custom service that easily adapts to the creativity required for your specific project all in one place.

The Buechel Stone Difference

Why Buechel Stone?

  • The future depends on people like us - active participants in the process of creation. And Buechel Stone's commitment to best experiences means we're your biggest advocates for natural stone visions of project success!
  • Additionally, our love for 100% real natural stone means all of our products are authentic, unique, and as versatile as your imagination.
  • Whether you make your selections based on color, texture or shape, we'll find or create the perfect fit. Here are a few other points that are part of being the best in quarry-born stone:
  • Natural stone installations can be protected either with our branded weep system, or a 15 or 25 year labor and materials warranty through Laticrete (specific to certain installation types).
  • You have access to our products nationwide through our extensive dealer network where you can be assisted with product selection, project planning, takeoffs, and shop drawings.
  • There are over 100 products you can chose from or custom blend to achieve the project results you require.
  • Our 8,000 plus square foot showroom features over 100 natural stone displays and an indoor landscaping area with retaining walls and patio stone displays.
  • Our stone is 100 percent natural stone, quarried and fabricated to strict quality standards
  • Our stone is produced over millions of years before it reaches your project, not made in a mold over a few hours like simulated, manufactured stone.
  • In addition to natural Building Stone in full veneer and Natural Thin Veneer, we have a full line of landscaping and cut stone products to compliment your project’s exterior.
  • We have state-of-the-art production equipment and can generate CAD shop drawings for customers to review.
  • We implement quality control standards on every pallet of stone ensuring only the highest quality product is shipped.
Sustainability Be Green with Buechel
Sustainability Be Green with Buechel