Buechel Bio

Buechel Bio


Courage – that’s pretty much all Francis & Alyce Buechel had to rely on when they converted their 125-acre family farm to a quarry and founded Buechel Stone in 1964. Since then, their passion has multiplied.

With sweat equity and the conviction to literally ‘bet the farm’ for BUECHEL STONE’s future, growth was pivotal. Ma and Pa Buechel were determined. They achieved progress through the grit of trial and error. As a company, we’ve experienced our share of set-backs and mistakes. But hey, that’s all part of our journey.

We got some things right. In fact, BUECHEL STONE pioneered some pretty incredible innovations – built on the simple VISION of becoming your first choice because of our unparalleled service and exceptional selection of natural stone. Somehow along the way, everyone became part of something bigger – not to be measured in increments of tons or square feet. Instead, we live by a greater MISSION: providing the best, most dependable experience in the natural stone industry – guaranteed!

With every stone installed, not only are we literally giving you a piece of our company; but everyone who touches that stone is investing a part of their lives into your project.

The hands that ruffle the hair of a beloved grandson, or gripped a golf driver in college, or saluted a commanding officer are the same hands that work together to provide unique, best experiences to all of you.

So we started sharing our teammates’ journeys and successes, putting it in the context of proudly referring to them as the #Rockstars that they are. And with campaigns like our Facebook LIVE #Iam videos, we’re having fun finding out the many talents of our diverse team. (Click on the following links to watch some of the #Iam LIVE video footage we’ve captured so far: 11-Apr-2018 #Iam Buechel Stone27-Apr-2018 #Iam Buechel Stone, and 31-May-2018 #Iam Buechel Stone.)

Buechel Stone’s mission of “providing the best, most dependable experience in the natural stone industry – GUARANTEED!” guides us in every decision we make, including how we treat our colleagues. In the last few years we’ve started showing how grateful and appreciative we are by initiating an Extreme Anniversary Program to recognize and reward years of tenure with cash, trips, and more extravagant gifts as more years of service are celebrated. (Like and Follow the Buechel Stone Facebook Page to see new updates, including every time we add a new Extreme Anniversary recipient. We keep an updated Album of Extreme Anniversary Program Recipients on Facebook.)

Our stories define and inspire us. They create the truths we carry with us into the future. That’s why recognizing and providing best experiences is so important to us – so you can have your own future filled with success stories.

The Buechel Stone Difference

Why Buechel Stone?

  • The future depends on people like us - active participants in the process of creation. And Buechel Stone's commitment to best experiences means we're your biggest advocates for natural stone visions of project success!
  • Additionally, our love for 100% real natural stone means all of our products are authentic, unique, and as versatile as your imagination.
  • Whether you make your selections based on color, texture or shape, we'll find or create the perfect fit. Here are a few other points that are part of being the best in quarry-born stone:
  • Natural stone installations can be protected either with our branded weep system, or a 15 or 25 year labor and materials warranty through Laticrete (specific to certain installation types).
  • You have access to our products nationwide through our extensive dealer network where you can be assisted with product selection, project planning, takeoffs, and shop drawings.
  • There are over 100 products you can chose from or custom blend to achieve the project results you require.
  • Our stone is 100 percent natural stone, quarried and fabricated to strict quality standards
  • Our stone is produced over millions of years before it reaches your project, not made in a mold over a few hours like simulated, manufactured stone.
  • In addition to natural Building Stone in full veneer and Natural Thin Veneer, we have a full line of landscaping and cut stone products to compliment your project’s exterior.
  • We have state-of-the-art production equipment and can generate CAD shop drawings for customers to review.
  • We implement quality control standards on every pallet of stone ensuring only the highest quality product is shipped.
Sustainability Be Green with Buechel
Sustainability Be Green with Buechel