100-Year Warranty

Our mission to provide the best, most dependable experience in the natural stone industry-guaranteed (masonry construction with full and thin stone veneers, quarried stone cut for architecture and design applications, and more); is coupled with a 100-year warranty. One-hundred years – a century – 10 decades. In terms of life span it’s a big number. Did you know that in the United States today, only 0.0173% of Americans live to 100? Let’s take a look back at some events over the past 100 years at each of the quarter-century marks:


  • Babe Ruth starts playing for the New York Yankees.
  • The National Football League is formed as the American Professional Football Association.
  • The Dow Jones industrial average has a high point at 73.


  • The first case of a computer bug is found; a moth lodged in a relay of a computer.
  • The first ballpoint pens go on sale for $12.50 each ($179.00 in 2020 dollars).
  • Jackie Robinson signs a contract with the Montreal Royals.


  • Apollo 13 is launched towards the Moon, and the mission is scrapped when an oxygen tank explodes.
  • Paul McCartney announces The Beatles break-up.
  • The North Tower of the World Trade Center is topped out at 1,368 feet making it the tallest building in the world.


  • Cal Ripken Jr. of the Baltimore Orioles breaks the all-time consecutive games played record in Major League Baseball.
  • Sony enters the video game market with the release of the PlayStation.
  • The Dow Jones Industrial Average closes over 4,000.


  • SpaceX becomes the first private company to send humans into orbit.
  • The Dow reaches its all-time high of 29,551.42 points.
  • Buechel Stone introduces a 100-year warranty for its full and thin veneer.

That’s right – a 100 year warranty! We’ve been telling you for a long time we want your experience to be worry-free, and we’re putting our money where our mouth is. Upon completing our Worry-Free Client Experience, just submit the information requested in the form below within 120 days of your purchase, and the Warranty will go into effect as the submitted info / materials are verified. (Details of terms & conditions apply as set forth in the downloadable warranty PDF document, preview available here and download accessible for your convenience immediately upon fulfilling form submission requirements.)

Building with stone home warranty on stone veneers & natural stone cut for commercial & home masonry

Please follow the below instructions to submit the required details for 100-Year Warranty verification.

Original purchaser / buyer must submit original sales invoice and installation accessory materials to Buechel Stone as PROOF OF PURCHASE within 120 days of the purchase. The original sales invoice must show product information with standard Buechel Stone product names to verify authentic Buechel Stone products and the information must be submitted fulfilling the requirements set forth in the below form. Thank you and congratulations on continued best experiences enjoying the results of your beautiful project!

If the buyer believes the stone purchased does not conform to the warranty, you must SUBMIT A CLAIM to Buechel Stone in writing or online. Mail to Buechel Stone Corp Attn: President, W3639 County Road H, Chilton, WI 53014 or go to our CONTACT US page and select Submit a Warranty Claim from the drop down menu as your Reason for Inquiry*. Your claim must be accompanied by a copy of your sales invoice.

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Tracy Lisowe
Marketing Director
Buechel Stone Corp.