Harmonizing Natural Stone with 2024 Color Trends for Timeless Designs

“Life’s not about expecting, hoping and wishing, it’s about doing, being and becoming.” 

– Mike Dooley

As the celebration of the New Year has passed, it’s easy to look back on all the things we didn’t get around to in 2023. The year came and went in the blink of an eye. What was that project that you had hoped to tackle in 2023? Maybe it was selecting your natural stone for that fireplace you were longing to cozy up by on Christmas day, or the accent wall for behind your soaking tub. Maybe it’s breaking ground on building a dream home. If that was the case, don’t worry – 2024 is the year of DOING and you’re already off to a great start by being here.

In the design world, every new year starts off with color trend predictions. Architectural Digest provided a great recap for this year in their “Color of the Year 2024: These Are the 11 Colors Paint Companies Predict Will Rule Interiors” article. Similarly, we are seeing natural stone trends shift at our design center locations across the US.

Just as paint, siding, and other wall coverings brands have made their predictions, the Stone Design Consultants here at Buechel Stone have some predictions of our own. The great news for designers is we are seeing ways these trends will live in harmony with one another as we move into the new year. Like pairing aged Wisconsin cheese and fine wine, you want to pair the two so that they complement one another. While I’m a biased Cheese Head who believes the cheese (or in this analogy, the stone) should be the star of the show, I also know the perfect pairing requires balance. The same goes for natural stone and the colors you choose to surround it with. Here is how we predict these elements will pair together in 2024!

Biophilic Design: Colors Inspired by Land, Sea, and Air

Stephen R. Kellert describes biophilic design as “an approach that fosters beneficial contact between people and nature in modern buildings and landscapes.” In 2024, as many designs shift to incorporating the natural beauty of the outdoors, we see nature inspired colors such as yellow, green, and most notably blue overtaking the paint landscape. Tones range from beachy and airy – such as Upward by Sherwin Williams and Limitless by PPG — to bold and bright — think Blue Nova by Benjamin Moore and Renew Blue by Valspar – while others signal new beginnings – seen with Graham & Brown’s Viridis. These hues elicit energy, freshness, and balance. With this in mind, we expect to see some more of our earthy and golden toned natural stone products shine when paired with these colors.  

As you’re preparing your next design for your client’s coastal dream, consider the way Jute Cloth Country Squire would look next to Blue Nova colored cabinetry. The warm, golden tones add warmth to the space, making it inviting for guests to gather around the island and chat over a morning cup of coffee, yet the cool veins soften the overall look and compliment the soft blue cabinetry. When paired with a light gray mortar, you have a peaceful oasis.

Whether you’re completing your backsplash or a stone accent in the bathroom, using a product like Jute Cloth Country Squire or Silverdale Country Squire would be a great way to extend the calm ambiance from the paint color to the stone. I think what I love best about these pairings is how the warm tones from the natural stone balances the cool undertones in the blue and green hues. The mortar color and joint, as always, will have a significant effect on the overall outcome of the look as well. If you love the warmth coming out in the stone and want to accentuate it, pair it with a buff mortar, such as Spec Mix’s Nantucket. Want something to pop more of the cool undertones in the paint color? Pairing the stone with a standard gray mortar would do just that! Finding yourself wanting to hop on the more modern bandwagon? A white mortar color will be your best friend.

Using Natural Stone to Establish the Right Mood

Deep, rich hues are perfect for those who aspire to add some drama to a space or find peace amongst the darkness. Moody colors can also create an ambiance of sophistication. The additional elements you incorporate into the design can make all the difference.  

Envision this: you’re gathering materials to create a moody, high-end feel for a lounge. Your heart is set on using Behr’s Cracked Pepper to set the stage for this space. You’ve selected gold hardware and cognac leather furniture pieces, but the stone you choose for the wood burning fireplace will be a defining feature. There are a few directions you could take this project. 

One option is to install Oiled Nubuck Castle Rock for a bit of contrast while incorporating blacks, browns, and tans that will pair well with the furniture and paint color. The final look will have a sophisticated yet rugged vibe, perfect for an upscale man cave. If the goal is something a little more rustic, Oiled Nubuck Fieldstone will solidify that look while maintaining your color palette.

If your goal is to instead lean into luxe, White Marigold Tailored Blend will help you accomplish that. Its light cream colors will provide great contrast, and the hint of gold veining will accentuate the hardware. The sawn heights lead to a linear and modern installation, giving the fireplace a refined feel while still allowing the stone’s bedface to showcase its natural charm.

Natural Stone for Every Style

Along with the 2024 color trends, we’re also seeing a resurgence of more whimsical styles. The greys and neutrals of recent years no longer reign supreme. If you’re looking to add more color, there’s plenty of opportunity to work with natural stone to create that bold, statement piece. With options ranging from mauves, lavenders, and blues seen in Full Color Castle Rock to oranges, yellows, and browns seen in Highland Scotch Ledgestone, there is a color and shape profile to match every style.

One notable difference between stone and other design trends is that your stone will outlast everything else you choose for your project; paint, furniture, siding, and more. Focus on timelessness and choose a natural stone that has the flexibility to evolve with your style.

Need assistance finding a natural stone you or your clients will love for the next 10, 20, or even 50 years? Let us help. With 140 options to choose from, our Stone Design Consultants will help you find a stone shape and color that matches your vision today and carries you through the trends of tomorrow. In this year of DOING, we look forward to assisting you with whatever natural stone project you want to complete in 2024.

Dominique Von Wald
Stone Design Consultant
Buechel Stone Design Center – Minneapolis, MN