Natural Stone Takes Next Step in Space Adventure

July 20th was the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing. Neil Armstrong declared “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” It holds true to this day. When it comes to taking the initial step, the team of Buechel Stone #Rockstars are leaders in the industry. But what does moon rock have to do with natural stone cut by Buechel? This challenge really takes the term #Rockstar to another level…

Buechel Stone recently donated slabs of Texas Cream Cut Stone to NASA’s 2019 Moon to Mars Ice & Prospecting (MMIP) Challenge. This challenge’s goal was to participate in groups to find a concept to extract water on the Moon and Mars. Texas Cream Cut Stone has similar properties of those two surfaces and was used to mimic them. Read more about the MMIP Challenge at

Natural Stone Makes the Cut for Moon to Mars Ice and Prospecting Challenge

Mike Buechel states, “When we were asked about being part the of Moon to Mars Ice and Prospecting Challenge we knew this was our duty as Americans to help. These future heroes are working on potential world-changing processes so it was never about sending a bill from our standpoint. Supplying stones that mimics what they find on the moon was truly the least we could do.”

Mike added, “It’s not too often you get a phone call from someone at the National Institute of Aerospace. When Stacy Dees, PMP called late on a Friday for a sample of Texas Cream, I knew this call was something special. Apparently, Texas Cream has the same properties of stone on the moon.”

About a month ago NASA and several other tech/robotics companies (and yours truly, Buechel Stone) sponsored the Moon to Mars Ice and Prospecting Challenge Teams with some of the brightest up and coming minds competed with the goal of creating a drill for use on the moon to extract water.

Fast Forward to July 20th being the 50th anniversary of landing on the moon. Maybe, just maybe, we helped make a small difference in getting back to the moon and creating a manned station. Maybe we got to be a part of something that one day helps all mankind… Maybe.

Best Experiences Come From the Best #Rockstars

Buechel Stone offers best experiences in natural full and thin stone veneers, landscape stone, or even stone cut that’s quite literally as similar to going to the moon and back as we’re going to get. Whether or not you’re from NASA, we’re here to answer all of your natural stone masonry questions to help ensure project success for the long term. Contact us about any and all of your natural stone product needs – we’d love to hear from you! JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER or follow us on your favorite social media platform (FacebookLinkedInTwitterYouTubePinterest) to be notified of everything we’re doing to inspire a future built on natural stone project successes. Because quality products and access to expertise to construct buildings that last is just part of what we’re about. And providing best experiences is what gets us out of bed every morning – making Buechel Stone your ONLY REAL CHOICE in STONE.

Brianne Lisowe-Johnson
Marketing Coordinator
Buechel Stone Corp.