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 Building with Buechel is not only a savvy long-term investment, but a showcase of the state of harmony that can exist between Mother Earth and mankind. Besides, thoughtful material selection for sustainability in support of LEED and Green Building is just the right thing to do.


Natural stone fits within a sustainable, holistic framework as an earthy-friendly product. Accessibility, aesthetic versatility, functionality, and durability all factor into its environmentally responsible reputation. It's a naturally occurring, low embodied energy product with no off-gases. Longevity and ease of maintenance make it cost effective over its life cycle; and the right look has been known to lift spirits and improve productivity. Now that's sustainability at its best!


We incorporate green thinking into everything we do. The same quarries that produce over 100 types of stone beautifully co-exist with nature throughout their life cycles. The naturally-filtered, pristine waters of our onsite retention ponds and thriving wildlife populations on actively quarried properties are a testament to environmental prioritization all the way through to the true final step for a quarry - reclamation. Best practices in engineering, operations, health, safety and the well being of everyone on the Buechel team and the environment is just as evident in our manufacturing facilities.


Accountability is key, and that's why we reduce, reuse, and recycle. Scrap stone is easily crushed into aggregate, which makes our stone recyclable. Reusing gravel as a natural by-product means there is little to no waste. Water conservation efforts have resulted in our manufacturing facilities recycling an impressive 126,500,000 gallons of water per year! The plastic boxes for our thin veneer packaging is made of recyclable plastic. And when it comes to post-quarrying land use, we proudly implement reclamation plans that fulfill the best long-term vision for the environment.

Sustainably Buechel

Be Green with Buechel: Signature Style & Sustainability

All of our natural stone products come from somewhere pure, authentic, and real. Proper site design ensures that each proposed quarry will be returned to its former state, if not better. And that’s just the beginning. We take significant pride in protecting nature’s design by promoting health, safety, resource efficiency, and environmental responsibility in everything we do.

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Buechel Bio Learn About Us