Landscape Stone

Landscape Stone

Buechel Landscape Stone Collections

Behind, around, and in front of every gorgeous building project is complementary landscaping; and nothing ties your work of art together better than natural landscape stone. Rough, yet sun-warmed and inviting, natural stone elicits a feeling of permanence and simplicity. Its unique beauty, with colors ranging from golden browns and tans, to rustic reds and oranges, to buff grays and more all add up to unparalleled beauty that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Like our Cut Stone Products and Building Stone Veneers, our natural Landscape Stone products are organized according to color tone within each of the following subcategories: Cobbles and Boulders, Outcroppings, Patio and Paving Stone, Steps, and Wall Stone. Ease of color tone selection is just the beginning of your best natural stone experience. If you want quality and a company that’ll be there from concept to completion, then we’re your ONLY REAL CHOICE IN STONE.

  • Cobbles and Boulders
    • Used for retaining walls and as accent stones
    • Cobbles in manageable sizes for easy installation
    • Available in several colors
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    Cobbles and Boulders

  • Outcroppings
    • Several sizes available according to retaining wall and accent stone project needs
    • Greenest natural stone option available palletized straight from the quarry
    • Ideal matching capabilities with natural stone veneers for holistic project symmetry
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  • Patio and Paving Stone
    • Perfect for walkways, patios, flower bed edging, and stepping stones
    • Select from large flagstone options or smaller, more manageable steppers
    • Versatility of colonial pavers for use as landscape edging
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    Patio and Paving Stone

  • Steps
    • Ideal for more gradual grade transitions in retaining walls and hillsides
    • Several sizes and finishes available for economical installation options
    • Unique appeal for about the same cost as pre-made or poured concrete steps
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  • Wall Stone
    • Perfect for retaining walls and edging
    • Select from standard sizes snapped to specific depths or more irregularly-shaped green options
    • Ideal matching capabilities with natural stone veneers for holistic project symmetry
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    Wall Stone