Natural Stone Colors

Natural Stone Colors

Buechel Natural Stone Colors Collections

When it comes to selecting and creating the perfect natural stone for your full or thin stone veneer, landscape stone, or architectural cut stone project; Buechel Stone offers unlimited natural stone color palettes. So whether you’re looking to identify the best hue and stone coloring for a stone fireplace surround in an interior space, or pairing an exterior stone veneer with another building material on a stone home facade; we’ll be there to ensure best experiences through every step of the process – starting with indoor or outdoor stone color and style inspiration.

Because of the striking beauty and color variations in each natural stone – the end product is often compared to fine art. While these distinctions allow for endless style and color possibilities; so many gorgeous options can sometimes make it difficult to narrow things down. To simplify the selection process, we’ve arranged each product line according to dominant color tones in each stone type or blend – from warmest to coolest. So whether you’re already targeting the perfect palette or are still in search of contrasting or accentuating hues; you’ll enjoy looking through potential mixes with reference to six main natural stone color tones (fiery, earth, honey, shadow, sky, and arctic) to find or create the perfect blend of natural stone for your project.

Refer to our stone masonry Press & Blog post for more details about how to install stone veneer in any one of the styles or patterns (Ashlar, Castle Rock, Dimensional, Fieldledge, Ledgestone, Mosaic, Tailored Fieldledge, and Tailored Ledgestone) from our exceptional collection of Building Stone Veneers. Check out our Brag Book or follow our Design Idea Boards on Pinterest for more veneer stone masonry inspiration. And because our natural Architectural Cut Stone’s material matching capabilities are complementary to the natural stone color tones of stacked stone and grout installations of our Stone Panels and Building Stone Veneers, along with our Landscape Stone (Cobbles and BouldersOutcroppingsPatio and Paving StoneSteps, and Wall Stone) products; ease of natural stone color selection is just the beginning of perfect Buechel Stone project symmetry. Buy stone veneer from Buechel – for best experiences that make us your ONLY REAL CHOICE IN real STONE!

  • Fiery Stone Colors
    • Warm, energetic, & high-impact.
    • Versatile spectrum of warm neutrals with desaturation of rusts & browns.
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    Fiery Stone Colors

  • Earth Stone Colors
    • Neutral buffs & tans to rich browns.
    • Classic versatility.
    • Warm, inviting, & dramatic hues.
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    Earth Stone Colors

  • Honey Stone Colors
    • Inner glow of pale pastels or brightness of sunshine.
    • Range from warm & inviting to bright & confident.
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    Honey Stone Colors

  • Shadow Stone Colors
    • Warm & cool off-whites, grays, charcoals, & blacks.
    • Versatility from light & soothing to dark & dramatic.
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    Shadow Stone Colors

  • Sky Stone Colors
    • Most popular color family for interior & exterior spaces.
    • Lighter tones for breezy, cool, calming effect.
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    Sky Stone Colors

  • Arctic Stone Colors
    • Balance of cool blue with a hint of warm gray.
    • Sophisticated neutral tone of natural stone.
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    Arctic Stone Colors