Beautiful Modern Farmhouse Using Spalted Oak Siena

This modern farmhouse was built using Spalted Oak Siena to create a rustic, cozy, and inviting home. Spalted Oak Siena contains both shadow and honey tones, making this a versatile stone that pairs well with natural wood elements in a wide range of colors. You can see in these pictures how the light beige in the knotty pine ceiling brings out the beige in the honey toned pieces, while the darker wide plank floors also bring out the darker brown tones that exist in the Spalted Oak color range. The natural stone adds an elegance to this house inside and out, creating a beautiful transition between the floor and ceiling.

The shadow tones of Spalted Oak Siena bring a sense of depth and character. Whether you’re aiming for a cozy cabin vibe or an upscale lodge atmosphere, this Fieldledge pattern effortlessly achieves the desired effect. Pair it with warm lighting, clean lines, and plush furnishings to create a space that exudes comfort and relaxation.

Spalted Oak Siena is a schist that is quarried and packaged in the USA, and introduces a variety of warm and cool color tones ranging from grays, tans, charcoals, whites, buffs, blues, dark grays, beiges, and occasional oranges, browns, and blacks. The name of this stone is inspired by the spalting of oak wood, a natural process that occurs under specific conditions and introduces a wide range of natural colors to the wood, most notably dark lines and streaks. The result is a varied and intricate pattern in the wood’s grain. Like it’s natural stone namesake, no two pieces of spalted oak wood are alike. Its rare characteristics combined with its structural integrity make spalted oak wood highly sought after by woodworkers and furniture makers.

Fieldledge combines the random stone shapes of Fieldstones from our Mosaic line with the rugged, layered style of Ledgestone. These stones are dressed to showcase their rough texture. Heights on this stone will vary between 2″ to 8″ and lengths will vary between 4″ to 16″. The aesthetic of our Fieldledge line brings a historical and timeless feel, inspired by a time when masonry served as a structural building product. This traditional technique brings an old-world timeless appearance into the home and transforms it into an extravagant work of art.


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