Fond du Lac Country Squire Veneer Stone Facade & Interior Stone Walls

This school features Fond du Lac Country Squire on its exterior brick and stone facade and interior veneer stone wall. Several stone pillars, walls, and the cafeteria use natural stone veneer to enhance the look of this productive learning environment.

Fond du Lac Country Squire is an an Ashlar stone masonry product from our Building Stone Veneer lines. Capable of thin joints between stones, the linear appearance of an ashlar pattern stone installation results in the most traditional natural stone masonry application. Pieces range in heights from 1/2″ to 8″, with lengths from 6″ up to 42″ for full veneer stone and 6″ up to 24″ for thin stone veneer.

Its arctic stone colors range from light grays to whites. The sophisticated balance of natural real stone colors in the arctic stone color palette perfectly complement the neutral brick and lush landscaping for the exterior stone veneer and clean, modern textures for the interior stone walls.


A finished building stone veneer and stacked stone or grout installation in the Ashlar stone veneer pattern of stone installation is sometimes referred to as a 2:1 pattern. For this stunningly contemporary educational building’s stone facade, Buechel Stone cladding makes for an inviting welcome by featuring a beautiful brick and exterior stone veneer facade. Refer to our stone masonry blog for more details about how to install stone veneer in any one of the styles or patterns from our exceptional collection of Building Stone Veneers. Check out our Brag Book or follow our Design Idea Boards on Pinterest for more natural stone veneer masonry inspiration. Buy stone veneer from Buechel – for best experiences that make us your ONLY REAL CHOICE IN real STONE!

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