Fond du Lac Kensington Blend

The lakeside backyard outdoor patio, stone hardscape entrance walkway, landscape stone walls, and poolside stone pavers and natural stone cut architecture of the grounds beautifully complements the French Country / French Colonial luxury design of this striking residence. Fond du Lac Steppers are the natural stone pavers featured (rather than decking) alongside the backyard swimming pool, surrounding the hot tub, in the indoor / outdoor covered patio facing the lake, for the outdoor patio beachside fire pit, and for the walkway to the front entrance. Fond du Lac Cut Stone coping and caps are incorporated into the finished architectural stone details of the pool / retaining wall stone and freestanding stone walls of the landscape design, as well as for window surrounds, stone sills, and wainscoting wall veneer stone caps on the house. Fond du Lac Kensington Blend is the natural stone product blend showcased on this gorgeous stucco and stone home’s facade. The knee walls, stone pillars, and curved wall also feature Fond du Lac Kensington Blend to tie everything together.

Backyard Patio Stone Paver Landscape with Fire Pit & Indoor / Outdoor Patios | Hardscape design flagstone pavers (steppers) front yard walkways

Fond du Lac Steppers brings arctic stone colors to our Patio and Paving Stone Line of Landscape Stone. Its artistic assemblage of irregular and random lengths and widths consists of real stone pieces ranging in diameters from 8″ to 24″ for products at both heights (1″ to 2″ and 1-3/4” to 2-1/2”). Grays, light grays, buffs, and whites make for a beautiful natural color range. Fond du Lac Cut Stone brings the same natural stone color range to our Architectural Cut Stone Line. Its material matching capabilities are complementary to the natural color tones of dry stacked stone and mortared masonry grout installations of our stone panels and full and thin stone veneers, along with our landscape stone products for perfect stone project symmetry.

Exterior Stone Veneer Masonry with Stucco for Modern Colonial French Country Luxury Home Design Style

Fond du Lac Kensington Blend brings arctic tones to our Ashlar Line. Ashlar describes the finest masonry units of dressed and cut stones that are worked until squared. Capable of thin joints between stones, the linear appearance of an ashlar pattern stone installation results in the most traditional natural stone masonry application. Pieces range in heights from 1/2″ to 8″ and 4″ to 12″, and lengths from 6″ up to 42″ for full veneer and 6″ up to 24″ for thin veneer stone. Its natural stone color range includes the same grays, light grays, whites, and buffs you’ll find in Fond du Lac Steppers patio and paving stone and Fond du Lac Cut Stone details.

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