Fond du Lac Kensington Stone Veneer & Texas Cream Cut Stone Home

The Fond du Lac Kensington Blend stone veneer, Texas Cream Stone Panels, and Texas Cream Cut Stone architecture on this authentic real stone home shows how the natural stone arctic tones of full or thin Building Stone Veneer material can be beautifully paired with arctic-toned full veneer Stone Panels and Architectural Cut Stone details to complete the perfect look. The natural stone color range for Texas Cream Stone Panels and Cut Stone consists of neutral light buffs and creams, complementary to the grays, light grays, whites, and buffs of Fond du Lac stone. The cut stone panel details of the main entrance’s stone surround were created with programmable, high-quality stone cutting precision to complement the brick header details of this exquisite Fond du Lac Kensington Blend exterior stone veneer home.


Capable of thin joints between stones, the linear appearance of a custom stone veneer and stacked stone or grout installation in an Ashlar pattern stone installation results in the most traditional natural stone masonry application. For this stone home project, Buechel Stone cladding makes for an inviting welcome utilizing a grand full veneer stone panels entry with cut stone details. Our natural Architectural Cut Stone’s material matching capabilities are complementary to the real stone color tones of stacked stone and grout installations of our Stone Panels and Building Stone Veneers, along with our Landscape Stone products for perfect stone project symmetry. Refer to our stone masonry blog for more details about how to install veneer stone panels with Cut Stone details. Get inspired by our Brag Book of natural stone projects or check out our Design Idea Boards on Pinterest for more veneer stone masonry inspiration! And buy stone veneer from Buechel Stone – with best experiences that make us your ONLY REAL CHOICE IN real STONE.

Products used in this project