Fond du Lac Wall Stone

This retaining stone wall features Fond du Lac Wall Stone and brings arctic natural stone colors to this residential Landscape Stone design of this home’s front yard approach. Although this house was not designed with stone cladding for its facade, Fond du Lac material matching capabilities perfectly align with dry stacked stone and mortar masonry installations of our Building Stone Veneers for natural stone project symmetry. Fond du Lac Wall Stone ranges in natural cleft heights from 2″ to 7-1/2″, with lengths from 6″ to 42″ and width and height ranges to accommodate a variety of project specifications. The natural color range for Fond du Lac stone includes grays, light grays to whites, and buffs. Check out our Retaining Wall Stone Project Gallery in the Brag Book for more wall stone ideas.


Fond du Lac Stone Landscape Design Retaining Wall Stone

This traditional home incorporates complementary, color-matched stone landscape design. Fond du Lac stone bring arctic Fond du Lac stone colors to the lakeside retaining walls and walkways. Natural stone walls and outcropping steps perfectly complement any natural surrounding. Whether it’s a backyard or an urban commercial building, natural stone outcroppings add genuine refinement to any landscape design application. One of our greenest product options available, outcropping stones are pulled from our quarries with minimal alteration. Our outcropping stone products perfectly match stacked stone and grout installations of our full and thin stone veneers.

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