Highland Scotch Siena | Fieldstone + Ledge Stone Home Pillars

Highland Scotch Siena veneer stone cladding is the exterior stone veneer selected for pillars on this real stone home’s front porch. Instead of a traditional mortar joint stone install, they opted for stacked stone masonry complementary to vertical & horizontal tan siding. The absence of a mortar joint means that the warm natural stone honey tones of this real stone facade are showcased in their purest form rather than in combination with the grout color.

The historic appearance of randomly layered stone is created for Spalted Oak Siena using stone pieces with heights from 2” to 6” and lengths from 4” to 16” for both full veneer stone and thin stone veneer. Its natural stone color range includes buffs, tans, golds, oranges, browns, grays, yellows, rusts, and whites with occasional burgundy and black. The resulting blend of natural stone (schist) pieces has a similar look to a granite stone veneer.


A finished building stone veneer and stacked stone or grout installation in the Fieldledge stone pattern combines the random appearance of a Fieldstone veneer and the layered look of Ledgestone veneer pieces. Refer to our stone masonry blog for more details about how to install interior stone veneer in any one of the styles or patterns in our exceptional collection of Building Stone Veneers. Check out our Brag Book or follow our Design Idea Boards on Pinterest for more veneer stone masonry inspiration! And buy stone veneer from Buechel – for best experiences that make us your ONLY REAL CHOICE IN real STONE.

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