Highland Scotch Tailored Fieldledge Fireplace Surround

This Highland Scotch Tailored Fieldledge fireplace surround is a beautiful focal point for this room using Chestnut Cut Stone. Highland Scotch Tailored Fieldledge is a Tailored Fieldledge pattern stone product in our Building Stone Veneer line. Each piece is sawn to precision heights (2″, 4”, & 6”) with random ends for a historic yet modern appearance that lends itself to simplified installation. Its natural color range includes buffs, tans, golds, oranges, browns, grays, yellows, rusts, and whites with occasional burgundy and black. #BuechelStone #StoneVeneer #FireplaceSurround #StoneFireplace #FireplaceStone #Ledgestone #LedgestoneVeneer #DryStackStone #StackStone #StackedStone

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