Home interior stone veneer stacked stone panel outdoor patio landscaping – Mill Creek Webwall fieldstone veneer

This modern Mid-Century dream home’s full or thin stone veneer exterior features Mill Creek Webwall fieldstone veneer dry stacked stone veneer masonry veneer stone panel design complementary to contemporary front entrance stucco and wall stone veneer masonry to backyard patio garden landscaping, black frame outdoor stone veneering in natural stone panels with matching window trim, outdoor wood ceiling planks, and interior design feature entrance wall for luxury indoor/outdoor living. This beautiful home serves as a great example of building with stone in relation to a real stone facade combined with a variety of high-end building materials and modern architectural style. The honey natural stone colors of Mill Creek stone veneer range from browns to buffs.

Dry stacked stone facade featuring Mill Creek fieldstone veneer in full or thin stone veneer for Palm Springs modern dream house wall stone veneer complementary to front outdoor patio landscaping entryway, backyard landscaping, and interior design feature wall stone surround

Mill Creek Webwall stone veneer brings the sophistication of authentic neutral  natural stone color exterior / interior stone veneer to our Mosaic Line. A finished Mosaic stone veneer in a stacking stone or mortared masonry grout installation of this kind will typically result in a classic cobbles, webwall, river rock or fieldstone veneer pattern. This home design exemplifies a modern twist by placing a fieldstone veneer pattern in sleek black frame panels. The artistic assemblage of irregular and random real stone shapes within a webwall / fieldstone veneer pattern consists of pieces ranging in diameters from 3″ to 16″ for both full veneer stone and thin stone siding / natural stone cladding.

Midcentury modern home indoor outdoor patio stucco front entrance ideas full thin veneer stone panels wall exterior stone facade house plan | Mill Creek Webwall full or thin stone veneer

This particular home incorporates stucco stone panels into the front porch entrance and midcentury modern style throughout. The light wood front door opens to reveal open-plan living spaces and a continuity of design for indoor/outdoor living. The sleek single story design and use of stone veneering in wall stone panels surrounding the home and incorporated into the interior design (feature wall stone front entrance and interior living room decor) maintains a sense of minimalism while building strong connections between indoor and outdoor living. It’s good to note that Buechel Stone also has options for sawn and finished Architectural Cut Stone and natural stone Landscaping material matching capabilities complementary to the natural color tones of dry stacked stone and mortared masonry grout installations of our Stone Panels and Building Stone Veneers, along with our Landscape Stone products for perfect stone project symmetry.

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