Luxury country natural stone veneer & brick dream home facade front yard exterior – Fond du Lac Tailored Blend & Indiana Silverbuff Cut Stone

This modern luxury dream stone home’s sprawling facade, garage, and front door portico entrance features Fond du Lac Tailored Blend natural stone veneer, which perfectly pairs with the brick exterior walls. Indiana Silverbuff Cut Stone limestone architectural details are featured for the stone wall accents. This stone and brick home’s design and facade showcases the beauty of sophisticated and bright arctic-toned natural stone colors throughout the exterior and outdoor living areas, with Architectural Cut Stone used to further enhance this gorgeous residential property. The classic country natural stone exterior design of this sprawling estate is also complemented by modern exterior lighting and chandelier, wood backyard decks, outdoor living firepit seating area, and walkway stone pavers.

Fond du Lac Tailored Blend (spec sheet) brings the arctic tones of Fond du Lac stone to our Dimensional Line. Each piece is sawn to precision heights and fabricated to specific sizes for a contemporary appearance that lends itself to simplified installation. Its natural color range includes grays, light grays, buffs, and whites. Dimensional stone is natural masonry stones fabricated to specific sizes or shapes. Color, texture, pattern, and the surface finish of the stone are also normal requirements. Another important criterion is durability for maintaining characteristics of strength, resistance to decay, and appearance. Our Dimensional Line of natural veneer stone patterns follows these criteria while making this stone installation a snap; with precision heights only requiring the addition of a mortar joint. The clean, sawn heights of products in this veneer stone pattern give a contemporary look to any commercial or residential project.

Indiana Silverbuff Cut Stone (spec sheet) brings arctic tones to our Architectural Cut Stone Line for detailed cut stone architecture and veneer stone panels. Its natural stone color range consists of the light buffs inherent to Indiana limestone material. For more beautiful views of this luxury estate’s stone home architecture, check out the following natural stone project pages in our Brag Book: Modern luxury country dream home natural stone veneer & brick front yard exterior facade, Backyard modern country dream home natural stone veneer outdoor living patio, Dream home modern country luxury natural stone veneer & brick garage driveway front entrance, & Country luxury modern dream home natural stone veneer & brick front yard portico entrance.

Luxury country natural stone veneer modern dream home facade front yard exterior entrance portico | Country luxury modern dream home facade & backyard

Our natural Architectural Cut Stone’s material matching capabilities are complementary to the real stone color tones of stacked stone and grout installations of our Stone Panels and Building Stone Veneers, along with our Landscape Stone products for perfect stone project symmetry. Refer to our stone masonry blog for more details about how to install veneer stone panels with Cut Stone details. And check out the Cut Stone Details Brag Book Category or follow our Design Idea Boards on Pinterest for more inspiration on everything from hearths, mantels, and surrounds to almost any custom-fabricated cut stone element imaginable. Get inspired by the beauty of natural stone and buy stone veneer from Buechel – for best experiences that make us your ONLY REAL CHOICE IN real STONE.

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