Modern Exterior Stone Home Design & Contemporary Patio Stone Pavers

This modern exterior stone home and landscape design with patio stone pavers is a great example of natural stone veneer and real stone pavers in a stunning contemporary West Coast house architectural style. The veneer stone facade is a custom variation (created by eliminating brown stone colors and with extra stone cutting / hand-trimming by masons on site) of Fond du Lac Castle Rock. Fond du Lac Cut Stone was specified for the architectural stone details; such as the chimney, stone sills, window headers, and privacy wall stone caps. The contemporary patio stone pavers are also a custom color-selected version of Mill Creek Patterned Flagstone so that only grey stone was used. The overall effect is a stunning showcase of clean lines and natural elements for timeless appeal.

Modern Exterior Stone Home | West Coast Design

Fond du Lac Castle Rock brings the arctic tones of Fond du Lac stone to our Castle Rock Stone Line. Split to rough squares and rectangles, Fond du Lac Castle Rock ranges in heights from 4″ to 12″, with lengths from 6″ up to 42″ for full veneer and 6″ up to 24″ for thin veneer stone. This contemporary West Coast home uses only the grey Fond du Lac stone tones of our full veneer castle stone, and the rough squares and rectangles have been hand-trimmed with the stone sawn by the expert stone masons on site for this high-end luxury home. A similar look could be achieved with our Fond du Lac Tailored Blend stone veneer.

Patio Stone Pavers Natural Stone Landscape Design

The clean, modern lines of the home’s architectural features extend to the Landscape Stone design; using Fond du Lac Castle Stone exterior stone cladding for privacy walls and Mill Creek Patterned Flagstone for the contemporary stone patio with relaxing water feature. Pink and tan pieces were eliminated from the standard blend for Mill Creek Patterned Flagstone for the remaining grays to be complementary to the grays of the Fond du Lac natural stone masonry installation of our Fond du Lac Castle Rock Building Stone Veneer & Cut Stone on the home.

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