Modern rustic fireplace interior stone veneer living room interior design – Spalted Oak Castle Rock with Mill Creek Cut Stone

This dream home’s modern rustic interior design features a mix of natural stone cut for a custom hearth and mantel style with full stone veneer or thin stone cladding for the real stone fireplace masonry wall, perfect for cozying up. Spalted Oak Castle Rock stone veneer is the featured wall stone in a drystack mortared real stone masonry application for the fireplace stone. The custom stone hearth and mantel showcase Mill Creek Cut Stone (Thermalled) to complement the look of this beautiful living room style by tying together the architectural stone details with the home’s open vaulted wood ceilings.

Modern rustic fireplace drystack masonry interior stone veneer living room interior design ideas | Fireplace Stone Veneer Stone Colors

Spalted Oak Castle Rock (spec sheet) brings rich shadow and sweet honey tones to our Castle Rock Line. Split to rough squares and rectangles, Spalted Oak Castle Rock ranges in heights from 4″ to 12″ and lengths from 4″ up to 24″ for both full and thin veneer stone. Its natural stone color range includes grays, tans, charcoals, whites, buffs, blues, dark grays, beiges with occasional oranges, browns, and blacks. Castle Rock brings masonry back to the structural permanence and ambiance of European stone castles from the 12th and 13th centuries; hence it’s also referred to as castle stone. Our Castle Rock Line of natural stone has all of the benefits of stone masonry applications used on historic stone castles – strength, reliability, and durability. You don’t have to be royalty to use our Castle Rock pattern stone installation, but it’s sure to portray that your home really is your castle.

Mill Creek Cut Stone (Thermalled) brings honey and sky tones to our Architectural Cut Stone Line. Its color range consists of grays, pinks, and tans (color variations common within a piece; somewhat variegated unless specified per project). When it comes to Cut Stone fabrication, we have the knowledge, service, and state-of-the-art production capabilities to elevate natural stone beauty to one-of-a-kind, distinguished works of art in precision cut stone. Our Saw Shop team creates complex structural natural stone shapes with programmable, high-quality stone cutting precision. Additionally, we can apply a variety of surface textures. Whether requiring technological precision or the touch of an artisan, Buechel Stone has the means and expertise to optimize the process and achieve the perfect cut and finish for fulfilling your project vision in architectural stone.

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