Patio Stone Pavers Wall Stone Edging Modern Rustic Stone Landscaping Design

This beautiful lake house features Bluestone Patterned Flagstone (Thermalled) for the patio stone pavers, walkways lined with Chilton Wall Stone for the natural stone border of landscape edging, and Chilton Cut Stone for the stone wall coping. The Chilton Wall Stone borders have the sky stone colors of Chilton stone splitface retaining Wall Stone, with the tops of the stone having both the sky and fiery real stone colors of Chilton Landscape Edging. Bluestone Patterned Flagstone (Thermalled) brings shadowy blue stone colors to this Landscape Stone design. Chilton Cut Stone wall caps are a perfect match to the Chilton Wall Stone used for landscape edging and nicely complement the modern blue stone cut pavers.

Bluestone Patio Stone Pavers & Chilton Stone for Modern Rustic Landscape Stone Design

The modern rustic look of this stunning lakeside property incorporates complementary, color-matched, stone landscaping and cut stone details. Natural stone landscape design adds refinement to any application. Moreover, our material matching capabilities among Landscape Stone, Architectural Cut Stone, and  Building Stone Veneers provide for perfect stone project symmetry.

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