Rustic Exterior Veneer Stone Cabin – Custom Blend Highland Scotch Castle Stone Ashlar Fieldstone

The exterior stone veneer pillars, fireplace and facade of this rustic cabin is a custom blend of Highland Scotch Castle Rock veneer, Highland Scotch Ashlar stone, and Highland Scotch Webwall fieldstone veneer in a dry stacked stone veneer application. This beautiful mountain stone home features the golden honey natural stone colors of Highland Scotch stone cladding for its exterior stone facade, pillars, and outdoor stone fireplace complementary to wood shakes, vertical wood siding, wood beams, and dark window trim.


Highland Scotch Ashlar pieces range in heights from 1/2″ to 6″ and lengths from 6″ up to 24″ for both full and thin veneer stone. Split to rough squares and rectangles, Highland Scotch Castle Rock ranges in heights from 4″ to 12″ and lengths from 4″ up to 24″ for both full and thin stone cladding. Highland Scotch Webwall’s artistic assemblage of irregular and random shapes consists of pieces ranging in diameters from 3″ to 16″ for both full and thin stone veneer. Its natural stone color range consists of buffs, tans, golds, oranges, browns, grays, yellows, rusts, and whites with occasional burgundy and black. The resulting blend of natural stone (schist) pieces has a similar look to a granite stone veneer.

A finished mosaic stone veneer in a stacked stone or grout installation of this kind will result in a classic cobbles, webwall, river rock or fieldstone veneer pattern. An ashlar stone pattern of Highland Scotch conforms to a more traditional 2:1 stone piece arrangement. And the rough squares and rectangles of castle rock result in a castle stone appearance. The rustic charm of mixing three real stone patterns using Highland Scotch material completes the vision for this mountain cabin stone home’s exterior design and indoor/outdoor living spaces. Refer to our stone masonry blog for more details about how to install stone veneer in any one of the styles or patterns from our exceptional collection of Building Stone Veneers. Check out our Brag Book or follow our Design Idea Boards on Pinterest for more veneer stone masonry inspiration. Buy stone veneer from Buechel – for best experiences that make us your ONLY REAL CHOICE IN real STONE!

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