Silverdale Tailored Blend Commercial Property Natural Stone Design

This financial institution showcases a Silverdale Tailored Blend Dimensional stone façade for its exterior stone veneer. The welcoming veneer stone siding in honey stone colors sets the tone for the enjoyable service and experience that awaits. Siding in dark red tones creates a cohesive look. The traditional Dimensional stone pattern appearance of our Silverdale Tailored Blend veneer stone façade prepares visitors for a beautiful ambiance inside and out.

Dimensional Stone Façade | Exterior Stone Veneer Masonry

Dimensional stone is natural masonry stones fabricated to specific sizes or shapes. Color, texture, pattern, and the surface finish of the stone are also normal requirements. Another important criterion is durability for maintaining characteristics of strength, resistance to decay, and appearance. Our Dimensional Line of natural veneer stone patterns follows these criteria while making this stone installation a snap; with precision heights only requiring the addition of a mortar joint. Refer to our stone masonry blog for more details about how to install stone veneer in any one of the styles or patterns in our exceptional collection of Building Stone Veneers. Check out our Brag Book or follow our Design Idea Boards on Pinterest for more Ashlar veneer stone masonry inspiration! And buy stone veneer from Buechel – for best experiences that make us your ONLY REAL CHOICE IN real STONE.

Products used in this project