Using the Four Elements of Nature to Balance Your Home

In today’s hectic atmosphere, many of us seek to make our homes a place of balance. Work and school have crept into our domains these last few years, and we are finding it harder to still rest and reset at the end of the day. Now is an excellent time to look to nature, where you’ll find inspiration for turning your home into a place where you can still recalibrate.

For many, the thought of incorporating nature into the home brings to mind Feng Shui, or the practice of emphasizing different natural elements and their optimal placement to promote wellbeing and the flow of energy. While Feng Shui focuses on five key elements – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water – I want to focus on the four elements we traditionally see – Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. Here, we’ll explore harnessing these elements and creating an inviting and calm space, including the various ways Buechel Stone’s range of products can fit into not only the element of Earth but others as well.

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Barnwood Blue Webwall

Incorporate Earth for Strength and Stability

Speaking of Earth, let’s start there – it only makes sense since Buechel Stone’s products are all naturally sourced from the ground. Each piece is unique in its own way and as natural as it comes. Stone elements in the home, as well as wood and plants – real or fake – add a cozy touch to the space. If your goal is to embody all facets of Feng Shui, keep in mind that the philosophy is not limited to interior spaces. In fact, if the exterior of your home does not match the balance of the interior, it could negate the interior positivity. Match the stone on a fireplace with a similar exterior landscape stone to create continuity inside and out.

Fond du Lac Outcroppings and Wall Stone

Embrace Wind for Intelligence and Imagination

Wind may seem like a difficult element to incorporate into a design but look out for items and textures that are airy and light. Accomplishing a breezy open feeling can be done with glass or metal. Reflective glass tables or minimal placement of glass vases or dishes on a shelf give off a high-end look that can make a huge impact, especially in a small space. Additionally, artwork or chairs with a metal frame create reflective movement in a room. Utilizing a monochrome color pallet with varying textures is another way to achieve a minimal airy feeling. Matching your paint color to the stone on your fireplace and repeating those colors in pillows or blankets on the couch makes the room feel open yet very stylish.

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Chilton Country Squire & Chilton Webwall

Stoke Energy and Inspiration with Fire

Adding in the element of Fire is all about creating a warm atmosphere. The presence of a fireplace or fire pit is a central point for any space. Surrounding it with beautiful stone makes such a statement, whether on an interior fireplace or an exterior patio. Adding fairy lights in warm golden tones around a fire pit can be so welcoming for the exterior. Think outside the box – red isn’t the only color that brings this warm fiery feeling to a room. Honey-toned wood and gold-toned accents are another way to represent the aura of a flickering flame.

Fond du Lac Tailored Blend & Indiana Silverbuff Cut Stone
Fond du Lac Tailored Blend & Indiana Silverbuff Cut Stone

Soak Up Wisdom and Movement with Water

The last element to discuss is Water, often seen as a symbol of grace, power, and life. To capture these qualities, I think of stone or marble with a flowing wavy look to them. You can also duplicate this look in art on the walls. Adding in mirrors to a space mimics the depths of a body of water. The presence of deep blues and navy also bring a nautical element to the space. If you’re also seeking to create flow in an outdoor space, incorporating natural stone with an outdoor water feature combines two elements for peace and tranquility.

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Rustic Buff Cut Stone

The results of adding these elements will bring you a home you love that feels comfortable, classic, and balanced. Adding natural stone to any space introduces a new texture to the mix that never fails to make a statement.

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Rustic Buff Cut Stone

Are you ready to rethink about your space and how your surroundings can affect your energy? Visit one of our design centers where our natural stone consultants will help you piece your vision together.

Meghan Kraft
Stone Design Consultant
Buechel Stone Design Center – Kohler, WI