Interior Design Ideas | Ways to Use Natural Stone Indoors

When looking for ways to add character to a building, natural stone is a durable and timeless choice. There is a luxurious element to stone that brings a distinctive beauty, regardless of whether the material is cut and finished, or left unrefined. It’s common to see stone used on the exterior of a building as a veneer, with cut stone accents, or in landscaping, but there are also many ways to bring natural stone indoors.

Cinnamon Bark Ledgestone Interior Accent Wall

Fireplaces are a popular way to use natural stone indoors. Cladding a fireplace with natural stone creates a strong focal point in a community space. Whatever style you hope to achieve, there is a stone to compliment and reinforce it. Sleek sanded panels enhance a modern style living room with neutral colors, clean lines, and minimal design. A more random-shaped stone with over-grouted mortar has a rustic effect that goes great with a wood beam mantel and cozy farmhouse style. Even in a commercial building, a stone fireplace impacts a large open lobby area by warming up a space that can otherwise feel cold and sterile.

A fireplace is not the only way to add stone elements to an interior design. Using stone on an accent wall is a one-of-a-kind feature that serves as a perfect backdrop for furniture. This low-maintenance material is a great way to improve the ambiance of a room and add interest to the overall design.

As previously mentioned, commercial buildings can be quite open and monotone. The addition of natural stone feature walls can bring in much-needed texture and color movement to the space. Whether you choose a rough, colorful stone or smooth dimensional panels, the added intrigue of the material’s variation will make the space feel less hollow.

Chilton Rustic Ledgestone

For example, the addition of stone in this large hallway area changes the atmosphere of the space. For an area that could have been an otherwise unmemorable vestibule that people pass through, the warm-toned stone energizes the space.

Chilton Sedona Rustic

Pops of stone in smaller areas will also pack a punch; the addition of stone behind floating shelves makes quite a statement and is a striking backdrop for simple pottery & vases. Framing the entryway to a room with stone veneer brings natural value to contemporary spaces. Using stone is a classic design element that won’t chip or crack over time, unlike cultured stone or painted brick.

The addition of stone in the bathroom may not be a common choice, but it can create a spa-like atmosphere. Surrounding a soaking tub with stone instantly turns the space into a natural oasis. The added texture and color of natural stone creates a warm and inviting space.

Highland Scotch Siena veneer stone masonry - fieldledge stone veneer - fieldstone + ledgestone veneer blend - Buechel Stone project gallery photo
Highland Scotch Siena

Another overlooked room in the home for natural stone is the kitchen. This area has many opportunities to be embellished with this sustainable material. Adorn the base of an island with a thin veneer stone, or add a stone backsplash under cabinets and behind the oven for a unique focal point.

The great thing about natural stone is that there are so many naturally made options to fit in with any aesthetic and project. The possibilities are endless, and while trends come and go, stone is timeless.

Fond du Lac Tailored Blend and Mill Creek Tailored Blend 20-40% – 100% Horizontal Rockfaced; Indiana Cut Stone

Do you have questions about an upcoming project that incorporates natural stone in your interior design? Get in touch with one of our natural stone experts, either by visiting one of our design centers or contacting your local territory sales specialist.

Meghan Kraft
Stone Design Consultant
Buechel Stone Design Center – Kohler, WI