2017 – A Great Reason to celebrate

This quarter we use as a reflection time, not only for sales but also for our team, because we cannot have one without the other. Everyone on our team works hard and not all companies out there can say that. Over the year, we’ve had ups, but we’ve also had downs. One thing we know we can rely on is that our team always knows how to pick us up after our downs to carry us to our ups.

2017 Year In Review Video from Buechel Stone Corp. on Vimeo.

After working hard for 252 days (and for some, even more than that), we knew it was time for a little fun & games. And “Santa” or in our case, our HR & Leadership team had their sleigh full of goodies for all of the dedicated talent of Buechel Stone – luckily no one got coal!

In closing, a huge, ginormous, gargantuan thank you to everyone who made our 2017 year happen. Yes, that means architects, builders, masons, dealers, employees, truck drivers – anyone who touched our stone made a vast, positive impact on our year.


Brianne Lisowe
Marketing Coordinator
Buechel Stone Corp.