2020 New Catalog Featuring Full Veneer Stone Thin Stone Siding Exterior & Interior Design Masonry & Landscaping

We design our natural stone veneers, architectural cut stone / real stone panels, and landscaping stone products and catalogs with the realization and understanding that our business is so much more than a selection process for building with stone. We recognize that the very first part of any project is one of inspired enlightenment – the vision that comes before it. It’s been said that the only limitation in life is your imagination. We do our best to break that barrier every single time. With beautiful and inspiring project imagery and product information prefacing unlimited access to natural stone resources and expertise, we think we’ve accomplished just that with this new catalog (download a digital version or request printed literature from our contact page).

2020 natural stone veneer catalog for buechel stone - 2020 new catalog full veneer stone thin stone siding exterior interior masonry & landscaping design
2020 Natural Stone Veneer Catalog for Buechel Stone

This year’s catalog will leave you inspired and wanting more. We get the ball rolling with a cover that is as diverse in stone selection as it is in commercial and residential project design; showcasing Buechel Stone veneers and landscape stone born from quarries all over the United States. On the inside cover, we highlight our Worry-Free Client Experience and some of the amazing #Rockstars that make it all possible [because we wouldn’t be Buechel Stone without them!]; as well as a Table of Contents in case you already know the product line that’s perfect for your stone vision or design. But if you need further inspiration, just past the Buechel Bio summary of our remarkable history is our first two-page spread of photo inspiration. This section can barely contain all of the timeless and trending ideas that sprawl its pages in the form of dream homes, interior design, fireplaces, and commercial design.

Inspiration Spread of Dream Homes in Buechel Stone's New Catalog - 2020 new catalog full veneer stone thin stone siding exterior interior masonry & landscaping design
Inspiration Spread of Dream Homes in Buechel Stone’s New Catalog

Full veneer stone and thin stone veneer categories and natural stone colors

On page 19, you’ll dive into our Building Stone Veneers, with full and thin stone veneer product swatches arranged by pattern and color. As you’ll see from the Table of Contents (inside front cover), we’ve organized our stone veneers within categorized product (pattern) lines in alphabetical order (Ashlar, Castle Rock, Dimensional, Fieldledge, Ledgestone, Mosaic, Tailored Fieldledge, Cut Stone, Landscape Stone) as well as kept the products within those product lines in the same natural stone color order as our previous literature (fiery, earth, honey, shadow, sky, arctic). For ease of inspirational reference, we’ve placed project images near the full / thin veneer stone swatch’s location on the page. Just as our previous version, we also included color-coded price level indicators with each product swatch, product name, and the primary and secondary stone color tone(s) of the product. 

Buechel Stone projects of every type and style – from stone fireplaces to stone veneer exterior facades, landscape stone design and more

This year, we did something exciting and new. At the beginning of each stone veneer pattern category along with the cut stone and landscape stone sections, we kick things off with a one to two page project spread that highlights an encompassing variety of project views – anything from indoor / outdoor stone fireplaces, interior stone wall features, exterior commercial and residential stone facades, front to backyard landscaping and outdoor patio designs, and architectural cut stone detail and stone panel projects are highlighted on feature pages throughout this printed piece. There are so many ways to incorporate natural stone into your project that you may not have seen before, which is why we offer the resources and expertise to assist every step of the way. These project spreads also include the name of the natural stone(s) used in the project design so that you can reference them according to their swatch.

Encompassing Project Inspiration Spread ft. Highland Scotch Webwall - 2020 new catalog full veneer stone thin stone siding exterior interior masonry & landscaping design
Encompassing Project Inspiration Spread ft. Highland Scotch Webwall

Best natural stone guarantee, architecture / design and masonry / stone installation resources, and flagship Buechel Stone design center and showroom

Once you’ve looked through the exceptional selection of natural stone products curated by Buechel Stone, you’ll find that the final spread of this catalog holds more useful information for simply and effectively navigating our literature; including an index, information about our 100-year warranty, libraries that feature our spec and tech information, and all of our growing locations. If you already know the perfect Buechel Stone product for your next project, simply flip to the last page and look up the page number. Discover how simple it is to submit for our 100-year warranty. And sneak a peek in print or schedule an appointment online to explore our new showrooms; one at theMART (in Chicago, IL) as well as our flagship Buechel Stone Design Center in Kohler, WI. Both showroom locations offer an inspirational natural stone design experience; with full or thin stone veneers, landscape stone, stone panels and architectural cut stone showcased in large format displays.

Index, 100-Year Warranty, Libraries, & All Locations - 2020 new catalog full veneer stone thin stone siding exterior interior masonry & landscaping design
Index, 100-Year Warranty, Libraries, & All Locations

We’re excited to share all of our natural stone products in our new catalog! Make sure to check out the digital version or download it to your personal device for quick reference. Join our newsletter and to follow us on your favorite social media channels (Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, & Twitter) to find more inspirational images and stay up to date on all things natural stone!

Brianne Lisowe-Johnson
Marketing Coordinator
Buechel Stone Corp