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Success is defined in the dictionary as “1. obsolete. 2. a: degree or measure of succeeding. b: favorable or desired outcome. Also: The attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence.” At Buechel Stone, success means coming through for someone when it matters most – whether it’s convenient or not. Because sometimes that’s the only way to achieve the best kind of success – Brag Book stone gallery success in inspirational project photos! Ultimately, you’ll find success stories where there are hardworking #Rockstars willing to go the extra mile. We happen to have a recent example of just that.

Going the Extra Mile

Scott Cunningham sets the precedent for someone willing to do whatever it takes. When an issue with a dealer’s freight broker resulted in a truck showing up at the dealer location with no stone, Scott and Buechel Stone’s #Rockstar team in North Carolina sprung into action. They prioritized fulfillment of the urgent replacement order for a load of natural thin stone veneer so the dealer could make arrangements for pick-up to be able to receive it the next day. The dealer was able to find a flatbed for the new load. But the truck wasn’t going to make it to our Marion facility until after hours. The dealer customer needed a next-day delivery to stay true to their promise and reputation of best shipping times. Scott stayed late to be available when the truck arrived. By going the extra mile and sacrificing a few hours of family time that evening, Scott was able to ensure success for the dealer. And they were able to live up to their reputation with successful, on-time delivery.

Scott Cunningham at Buechel Stone's North Carolina manufacturing facility

Brag Book Stone Gallery Success in Project Photos

While Scott’s #Rockstar dedication to dealer and customer success is hard to match, seeing a project go from concept to completion is just as awe-inspiring. Project photos in the stone gallery collections of our Brag Book inspire us to inspire you. Our Brag Book collection showcases the best natural stone installation photos in the industry. It’s filled with thousands of high-resolution photos and ideas for residential & commercial building stone veneers, architectural cut stone applications, and landscape stone projects. It’s no coincidence that 2017’s new stone veneers (most of which originate in North Carolina) are now showcased as the stars of our most recent project photos. Some of our personal favorites include Black Frost Castle Rock, Highland Scotch Siena, Barnwood Blue Castle Rock, and Spalted Oak Ashlar.

Barnwood Blue

Barnwood Blue Castle Rock natural stone veneer residential stone gallery project photo

Barnwood Blue is a gorgeous resulting combination of neutral hues – grays, dark grays, charcoals, whites, blues, and tans (with occasional greens, buffs, and blacks). Its classic shadowy bluestone color tones have withstood the test of timeless elegance and are on-trend for the future. To extend the versatility of its application, we offer Barnwood Blue in six pattern varieties to accommodate nearly any stone veneer style: Barnwood Blue Ashlar, Barnwood Blue Castle Rock (project stone gallery photo above), Barnwood Blue Siena, Barnwood Blue Ledgestone, Barnwood Blue Webwall, and Barnwood Blue Tailored Fieldledge. Whether in an artistic assemblage of irregular and random shapes, stacked in layers, split to squares and rectangles, or sawn to precision heights; you’ll find the perfect blend of this beautiful blue-gray hue to stay true to you and your project.

Highland Scotch

Highland Scotch Siena Natural Stone Veneer commercial stone gallery project photo

Old English Butterscotch, Salted Caramel Scotcheroos, and Scotch of the Scotmen’s variety (whisky) – these are a few of my favorite comparisons when bragging up the sweet and subtle honey color tones you’ll find in any one of our Highland Scotch products. Just like all of our new North Carolina products, Highland Scotch is available in six delicious pattern varieties: Highland Scotch Ashlar, Highland Scotch Castle Rock, Highland Scotch Siena (project stone gallery photo above), Highland Scotch Ledgestone, Highland Scotch Webwall, and Highland Scotch Tailored Fieldledge. We’ve layered it, squared it, sawed it, and let some of it remain in its original irregular and random shapes – so we have a look for every taste.

Spalted Oak

Spalted Oak Ashlar natural stone veneer residential stone gallery fireplace project photo

The perfect balance of blue-gray and caramel-scotch tones means that you get the best of both worlds with Spalted Oak. Balance – that’s the secret. The shadowy hues of Barnwood Blue and honey tones of Highland Scotch make for an impeccable combination of complementary colors in Spalted Oak – grays, tans, charcoals, whites, buffs, blues, dark grays, beiges (with occasional oranges, browns, and blacks). No matter whether you select an artistic assemblage of irregular and random shapes, prefer it stacked in layers, or would rather have pieces neatly split to squares and rectangles or sawn to precision heights; the beautiful neutral and natural colors of Spalted Oak position your project for success with a win-win solution in almost any pattern: Spalted Oak Ashlar (project stone gallery photo above), Spalted Oak Castle Rock, Spalted Oak Siena, Spalted Oak Ledgestone, Spalted Oak Webwall, and Spalted Oak Tailored Fieldledge.

Black Frost

Black Frost Castle Rock natural stone veneer residential stone gallery fireplace project photo

Much of the architecture and interior design industry takes its cues from fashion, and we’re no different. So go ahead and embrace the rich natural shadow tones of Black Frost – from blacks to charcoals and grays to blues and whites (with occasional greens, buffs, and browns). And just like there are different ways to wear that ‘little black dress’, we offer Black Frost in a variety of shapes and patterns – from irregular and random shapes, stacked in layers, split to squares and rectangles, sawn to precision heights, or something as custom and unique as your next project: Black Frost Ashlar, Black Frost Castle Rock (project stone gallery photo above), Black Frost Siena, Black Frost Ledgestone, Black Frost Webwall, and Black Frost Tailored Fieldledge.

Project Photos Prove Success & Offer Inspiration

We’re fortunate enough to be able to partner an exceptional selection of natural stone products with the most talented collection of creative inspiration and expertise in our industry – you! You inspire us. Your project is our opportunity to unite our uniqueness as creators by putting the pieces together in a way that’s never been done before. Your goals and visions become ours. Your concerns become our worries. And because we’re with you on your project from concept through completion, we’re asking you to send project photos. Email them as an attachment to my inbox at [email protected] or select ‘Upload a Photo’ from the dropdown on our Contact Us page and it will give you the option to submit an attachment. This is your chance to inspire future creators!

Your success means the world to us, and seeing it proven in completed project photos will help add valuable inspiration to our Brag Book so we can keep offering the best tools for assisting with your selection process. Thanks for making us a part of your project experience. If you haven’t already, JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER to be notified of everything our team of Buechel Stone #Rockstars is doing to ensure a future built by your own project success stories. We look forward to seeing future project successes in project photos in my inbox (at [email protected]) or from our Contact Us page. Keep on inspiring! The best is yet to come.

Brianne Lisowe | Marketing Coordinator
Tracy Lisowe | Marketing Director
Buechel Stone Corp.