Buechel Stone is Helping Out the Holyland!

People in the stone industry are probably aware of the popularity of Jerusalem Stone. It’s a soft limestone that comes from, you guessed it, Jerusalem, an area that is often referred to as “The Holyland.”

What you may not realize is Buechel Stone is also part of “The Holyland.” Buechel Stone is in an area of Wisconsin affectionately known as “The Holyland” since at least 1898. It’s a small group of towns and villages that have names that are well-known in the Catholic religion: St. Cloud, Mount Calvary, St. Joe, Marytown, Johnsburg, Jericho, St. Peter, and St. Anna. It even has it’s own Wikipedia Page. The stone on one of the oldest churches in the area was actually quarried and shipped to the site in Marytown more than 150 years ago from our quarry. Back then the stone was purchased by the cord (a volume of 128 cubic feet, or 4 feet high, 8 feet long, and 4 feet deep; or any other arrangement of linear measurements that yields the same volume). Stone really is a lifetime’s lifetime investment.

The Holyland has a small catholic school call CPES (Consolidated Parochial Elementary School). This small school system is the longest running consolidated catholic school in the Milwaukee Archdioces. CPES was in need of a new web site, and Buechel Stone answered the call for help.

“My boys went there, my grandkids go there, it was something I was proud to help with,” said Tim Buechel. “We know what a difference good marketing tools make to help a company. In this case it’s a school; but the results are the same. A web site makes a lasting impression. I felt it was something we could do that makes a difference in our community and is something that would impact the school right away.”

The updated web site for CPES gives the people of the community and parents updates on what’s going on, and also allows people to give donations to the school on-line or support a student or activity for the school.

“Our community is important to us. The people of the communities surrounding us (Buechel Stone) work here. Buechel Stone’s involvement in these type of projects are important to us and others in our community. It make a difference in the lives of many.” stated Tim. “By helping out the school, we are helping keep The Holyland an actual Holyland. It just wouldn’t be right to lose part of what makes the area special.”