Raising the Bar on Best Experience | Buechel Stone Opens Warehouse in Hammond, IN

New entry sign greets customers and drivers coming to pick up stone from our Hammond, IN warehouse.

Here is a simple but powerful rule: always give people more than what they expect to get.  

Nelson Boswell 

It’s often said that time is the one equalizer of all things. Rich, poor, young, old — we all live by 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, and 24 hours in a day. As Buechel Stone strives to be the best experience in the building industry, one aspect we consider is our customers’ time — the time it takes to get confirmations, ship orders, and pick them up — because for them, time is money.  

Buechel Stone has considered a centralized warehouse for a few years, and we finally found a location that fit all our requirements in Hammond, Indiana. With the addition of our trucking firm Rolling Rockstar Transit, this warehouse is the ideal way for us to get our natural stone into the hands of our customers faster.

The warehouse is less than 3 miles off Interstate 94, just east of the Illinois/Indiana border 

For our midwestern customers, we are really looking forward to helping them better manage their own inventory by housing what they need much closer to their locations. With 22,000 square feet of storage, our customers will have faster access to our veneer, landscape, and cut stone products.

Unloading a transfer truck from Chilton, WI. 

This new warehouse will also help us supply our North Carolina stone faster within the Midwest and central US. Previously, much of our stone from North Carolina was shipping through the markets that needed it so we could ship it out of Wisconsin. However, Wisconsin is far from the most centrally located state in the country. What was previously a two-day trip to Wisconsin from North Carolina is now one shipping day to Hammond, IN, meaning the material can now get out to our customers sooner. 

We’re also stocking our most popular Wisconsin and Kansas stone options in this warehouse, with loads going there daily. This allows us to easily backhaul North Carolina and Kansas stones to Wisconsin for customers that want to pick up in Wisconsin. Stone stocked at the warehouse will get turned around much faster for our customer base.  

Starting to fill the space and preparing to fulfill orders.

Another benefit of this location is for customers shipping via containers. This area of Indiana is very close to the rail hubs that ship intermodal across the country. This will allow these customers to more easily request blended loads of material from all our locations. 

We know how important time is to our customers. With the addition of this new warehouse location, our goal is to improve how quickly our customers around the country can access Buechel Stone’s products. Interested in learning more about how the new Hammond, IN warehouse can benefit you? Reach out to your territory sales specialist and start maximizing your time with this new pick-up location!