Celebrating 50 Years!

BSC_50Years_LogoFifty Years!!!    Five Decades!!!     Half a Century!!!!! – It’s a long time. 

On average, only 35% of businesses make it past the first 10 years of existence, much less making it to 50. Buechel Stone has been no stranger to business-changing events to make it to this point. It seemed like we’d go through a good patch… and follow it right up with a some type of hurdle to get over. Well, that’s what makes life in a family business interesting right? Over the next twelve months Buechel Stone is going to give you insight into what made us what we are today. It’s a pretty crazy past… humble beginnings with only the family working in the business and all sorts of ventures to get us to where we are today, I guarantee you’ll end up knowing more about Buechel Stone than you probably ever wanted to!

Mike Buechel
V.P. Operations and Marketing