Five Decades & The Year that Was 2015

Sincere thanks to everyone that has contributed to Buechel Stone’s 2015 successes – employees, customers, architects, contractors, masons, vendors, friends, family, and any & all that have touched us in a positive way. We’re truly grateful for the growth that our business, our team, and our customers were fortunate enough to experience over the past 12 months – and we certainly couldn’t have achieved any of it alone!

Buechel Stone extends their sincere thanks to everyone who contributed to their success in 2015, and they couldn’t have achieved it alone. If you’re looking for YouTube video ideas to showcase your business growth and insights, Buechel Stone’s Five Decades & The Year that Was 2015 is a great example to follow. Join them in their journey towards even bigger ambitions and reasons to smile in the coming years!

Tracy Lisowe
Marketing Manager
Buechel Stone Corp.