Going Green With Natural Stone Veneer

Building with Buechel Stone products – from full and thin stone veneers on the wall to ground level landscape stone design – is not only a savvy long-term investment, but a showcase of the state of harmony that can exist between Mother Earth and mankind. Besides, thoughtful material selection for sustainability in support of LEED and Green Building is just the right thing to do. All of our natural stone products come from somewhere pure, authentic, and real. We take significant pride in protecting nature’s design by promoting health, safety, resource efficiency, and environmental responsibility in everything we do.

pile of gravel crushed from full & thin stone veneer scrap for zero waste and 100% use of natural stone

All of our natural stone is used to its 100% max potential. Scrap generated from making full and thin stone veneers and landscape stone products is crushed into different sizes of gravel. We end up with a good selection and have everything from screenings to 7/8th’s gravel to 3/4-inch clear and 4-inch breaker run. Whether on a wall, in a landscape design, or roadside; every one of our stones gets put to good use. 

Buechel Stone piles of gravel crushed from full & thin stone veneer scrap for zero waste and 100% use of natural stone

Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle – Natural Stone Veneer?

Accountability is key, and that’s why we reduce, reuse, and recycle. Scrap stone is easily crushed into aggregate, which makes our stone recyclable. Reusing gravel as a natural by-product means there is little to no waste. Water conservation efforts have resulted in our manufacturing facilities recycling an impressive 126,500,000 gallons of water per year! The plastic boxes for our thin stone veneer packaging for candles is made of recyclable plastic. And when it comes to post-quarrying land use, we proudly implement reclamation plans that fulfill the best long-term vision for the environment. See how we’re keeping things green with our video below.


Natural stone fits within a sustainable, holistic framework as an earth-friendly product. We incorporate green thinking into everything we do. Keep up with our green practices and JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER or follow us on any one of your favorite social media platforms; we’re on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Instagram. We’ll see you online!

Brianne Lisowe-Johnson
Marketing Coordinator
Buechel Stone Corp.