How Buechel Stone’s Design Centers Streamline the Selection Process

One of the most important (and permanent) elements of a project is Natural Stone, so we know just how crucial it is to select the perfect stone you will love for many years to come. That’s why we at Buechel Stone created our Design Centers to help clients immerse themselves in the world of natural stone.

Engage Your Senses

We constructed our Design Centers to show clients large format samples of Natural Stone products. We understand how important it is to see the color and texture of the stones. Displaying our stones with different mortar styles and colors helps you visualize all the options available for your project. If you are curious about our products but want to browse by yourself, we’ve equipped each display with a QR code. These codes will take you directly to the product page on our website, which provides in-depth information about each stone and a variety of project photos. Seeing how other projects have utilized the particular stone you’re interested in can help you envision your project and narrow down your options.

Personalized experience

No matter the size of your project or the amount of detail needed, rest assured our team is ready and willing to assist. We encourage bringing any and all other building materials or swatches with you to the Design Center so our Stone Design Consultants can turn your vision into reality. In addition to the large format displays, we can quickly pull together photos of your desired product to show you different installations. Is there a particular stone you like, but perhaps you’re unsure what mortar style you prefer? We can help you find various examples from previous projects so that you’re confident with every part of your final selection.

Meet with professionals

Our Stone Design Consultants provide a wealth of design knowledge. Having backgrounds in various sectors of Interior Design, our team is able to use their expertise to curate the perfect blend of colors, textures and shapes for each project. Additionally, thanks to our team of territory sales specialists and design center consultants across the country, we are always in the know on current design trends.

I personally had a client who was undecided about how to choose the best stone for her home. The home had dark siding, and we were trying to choose between a light or dark-colored stone. She and her friend weren’t sure which would be the right fit, as they were finding it difficult to envision the particular stones with the siding choice. I put together a rendering of her home to help her envision what her home could look like. She ultimately chose the light-colored stone as it was a beautiful contrast to the dark siding. That’s the best part of being a Stone Design Consultant – helping each client complete their dream home and be certain they’ve made the best choice.

Whatever your unique project’s needs are, our Design Centers are equipped the right people and resources to help you choose the perfect natural stone, making the process smooth, informative, and fun. Stop in or schedule a visit to your nearest Buechel Stone Design Center, and we’ll help you set your vision in stone.

Megan Ognibene
Stone Design Consultant
Buechel Stone Design Center – Kohler, WI