#Iam Living My Most Authentic Life, Among #Rockstars

I don’t know if it’s 100% true that we are nothing but what we do, but I believe our actions are a pretty good indicator of who we are. This means that we should probably spend the majority of our waking hours at a place where we can be ourselves. Live an authentic life. And get results that make us happy. After all, “It’s our own ability to have an idea and go after the idea and make it happen. That’s what at the end of the day defines us.” – Satya Nadella

So if what we’ve done and where we come shapes us as individuals, what defines a company and its culture? It stems from the values created by the collective experience of its talent. And like anything that’s worth it, developing a successful culture doesn’t come without its challenges – something that April Dowland, our VP of HR and Operations, knows all too well….

One day a refugee that was new to Buechel Stone came up to April’s office upset that his trainer didn’t have a locker in the men’s locker room. The refugee spoke Hmong, and his trainer spoke Spanish. Although April was a little confused about how it even became a problem, because there’re plenty of lockers and anyone that wants one can have one, she proceeded with a locker assignment for the coworker of concern. Only to find out later that day that the more tenured colleague had never wanted a locker in the first place.

Despite overcoming adversity that most of us can only imagine and being dropped into a new country to build a life, this refugee broke through language barriers in a fit of compassion for his colleague. That was back in 2013. And the best part of this story is that these two teammates have since gotten to know each other through their common limited amount of English and remain close to this day.

Proud of Our Purpose

April said it best when she described how experiences like this have made a different both on Buechel Stone and herself. “I’m so proud of our team because we work together and never let barriers become an issue. Our culture is so unique and yet we don’t see it. We accept people for who they are and move on. Through this we have become a stronger, better Buechel Stone.”

Mike Buechel and I share her pride. So when we were recently filling out a Q&A for a feature about Buechel Stone and one of their questions was about recent projects that we’re especially proud of or would like people to know about. The standard response wouldn’t do. Sure, it would have been easy enough to pull together a few impressive project photos from our growing Brag Book; but it just didn’t feel right. Our personal lives would be pretty superficial if pretty things and a bunch of stuff was your main purpose. The same can be said for a work life justified by products or projects. So instead, we’re most proud of the relationships and experiences gained during our production and project journeys. And none of it would be possible without a talented team, who we are proud to call colleagues. The people that show up every day to invest their time and talent into the success of our creative endeavors – their stories need to be told.

#Iam a Buechel Stone #Rockstar

With every stone installed, not only are we literally giving you a piece of our company; but everyone who touches that stone is investing a part of their lives into your project. The same hands that ruffle the hair of a beloved grandson, or expertly gripped a golf driver in college, or saluted a commanding officer, or grasped the handlebars during a cycling race are the hands that work together to provide unique, best experiences to our customers. Living your most authentic live, personally and at work, is something that’s important to us.

So we started sharing our teammates’ successes through a variety of social media campaigns, putting it in the context of proudly referring to them as the #Rockstars they are. When you’re fortunate enough to spend your work days with a fun, forward-thinking group of #Rockstar talent devoted to quality, craftsmanship, dependability, growth, and innovation, you want to share it with the world. And we’re having fun finding out just how exceptional everyone is, with campaigns like our Facebook LIVE #Iam videos. Find out more about our Fitness Instructors, Grandpaws, Marine Veterans, and the unexpected Yogi by watching some of the surprising #Iam LIVE video footage we’ve captured so far. (Above is 11-Apr-2018 #Iam; click on the following links to watch 27-Apr-2018 #Iam Buechel Stone and 31-May-2018 #Iam Buechel Stone.)

Going to Extremes

In the last few years we’ve started showing how grateful and appreciative we are by initiating an Extreme Anniversary Program to recognize and reward years of tenure. One of the greatest milestones so far occurred last year, when Don Fesing celebrated his 40-year anniversary with a well-deserved 7-day all-inclusive trip to Mexico for two. A DeWalt drill, TV, kayak/bike package, charter fishing expedition, stove/fridge combo, and $500 to $2,000 cash were just some of the other gifts dedicated to honoring tenured team members.

We’re building a culture on a foundation of core family values, service-minded leadership, industry-leading initiatives, and unlimited aspirations. Because Buechel Stone’s mission of “providing the best, most dependable experience in the natural stone industry – GUARANTEED!” guides us in every decision we make, including how we treat people on their work anniversaries and every day.

TRUE STORIES: Living Your Most Authentic Life

Success also wouldn’t be possible without the architects, designers, engineers, distributors, dealers, builders, landscapers, contractors, masons, consultants, homeowners, or anyone else who inspires us with their visions. To show our appreciation to them, we started documenting and sharing the TRUE STORIES of the lives of a few of the great people who’ve inspired us – both in our 2018 Literature and online at https://www.buechelstone.com/stories/.

It is our honor to be part of the greater success that comes with combining your vision into a collective creative spirit. We’re in this together. Your project is our opportunity to unite our uniquenesses as creators by putting the pieces together in a way that’s never been done before. Providing these types of best experiences is what makes BUECHEL STONE you ONLY REAL CHOICE in STONE.

Because TRUE STORIES of the lives of great people – like you – inspire us. And telling our own stories allows to create your own truth you can carry into the future. So go ahead. Live your most authentic life. Then, JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER to be notified of everything our team of Buechel Stone #Rockstars is doing to ensure a future built by best experiences. ‘Like’ & ‘Follow’ us on Facebook and/or ‘Follow Us’ on LinkedIn to stay in the loop on everything Buechel and how #Iam Living My Most Authentic Life, Among #Rockstars.

Tracy Lisowe
Marketing Director
Buechel Stone Corp.