Inspiration in Full Color with 2014’s Color of the Year

The purple, lavender and mauve pops of color fashioned just under the surface, over millions of years, continue to inspire as they are uncovered from Buechel Stone’s quarries and shared with the rest of the world. That’s why we were so excited when a vibrant shade of purple, PANTONE® 18-3224 Radiant Orchid, was announced as 2014’s Color of the Year.


Radiant Orchid has been dazzling the fashion and beauty industries since hitting the 2014 runways. This cool purple hue, with its rosy fuchsia undertones, looks great on everyone! Because it blends both cool and warm undertones, this bright purplish pink shade flatters a diverse range of hair, eye and skin tones. But its possibilities aren’t limited to lip gloss and the perfect ballet flats paired with jeans. Radiant Orchard is all about confidence and versatility, which can be applied across a number of creative industries; including building design and construction.

Since our humble beginnings, Buechel Stone has been following the lovely inspirations of one of the first true ‘fashionistas’ – Mother Nature.  We’ve seen how she’s woven lavender veins, tinted mauve marblings and pigmented purple deposits through layers of rock to produce a stunning array of gorgeous and brilliant color combinations. Her style is tough yet chic, with a cool mix of unique masculine textures and swirls of feminine color. See what I mean in this sample of Full Color Castle Rock?


I guess it was only a matter of time before Radiant Orchid emerged as an eye-catching and adaptable hue for reenergizing interior spaces and accenting exterior architecture. This vibrant color is being used to liven up neutrals, complement olives and greens, harmonize with turquoises and teals, and even accompany light yellows; and has been identified as a unifying element for reenergizing almost any palette.

PANTONE® refers to Radiant Orchid as an invitation to innovation; and claims that this captivating shade of purple “encourages expanded creativity and originality”. The fuchsia, purple and rosy pink undertones bloom with confidence and warmth; and symbolically emanate joy, love and health.

I’ve always embraced the power and influence of color. It’s up to you whether you want to adopt the emotion of Radiant Orchid and incorporate this bold shade into the spectrum of your life in 2014. For some lasting style through all seasons of fashion – check out the Full Color Castle Rock pictured below. Follow the link to explore more project images and find the color combinations that inspire you.


Tracy Lisowe
Buechel Stone Corp.
Marketing Manager