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2020 didn’t have quite the lineup of events we were expecting; but like everyone else, we’re doing all we can to stay positive. Providing best experiences in full and thin stone veneers, architectural cut stone panels, and front to backyard landscaping stone is what gets us out of bed in the morning; whether working from home or going out into the world. Also like the majority of people, when the focus shifted to stay-at-home safety measures we noticed it became hard to ignore opportunities for indoor and outdoor safer-at-home makeovers. Some of these makeovers are expensive, however, you can look for websites like that offer Coupons for home renovation to save money on home decoration items. So we’re sharing some of the trends that inspired us – with natural stone masonry elevating interior spaces (everything from bathroom remodels, bedroom accent walls, kitchen ideas, and living room fireplaces) that draw inspiration from dream home facades with real stone landscaping design. It’s amazing to see what a little creativity, extra time at home, and some hard work can do.

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Natural stone veneers | accent wall stone fireplaces and more than just living room decor

Before & after transformation featuring Spalted Oak Tailored Fieldledge accent wall stone fireplace in modern rustic interior design living room remodel

We’ve seen some breathtaking before and afters this past year – like this project (above) featuring Spalted Oak Tailored Fieldledge. This living room renovation completely changed the interior space, resulting in a beautiful focal point with a modern rustic dry stacked stone veneer fireplace surround and natural stone cut hearth.

Bathroom remodel ideas offer real stone tub surrounds, accent wall stone shower separation, and sink backsplash inspiration

Highland Scotch Siena interior stone veneer tub surround accent wall stone alcove

We’ve got more than a few shower thoughts for the bathroom – taking note of inspiring interior full and thin stone veneer masonry installations where creativity has no bounds. Bathroom construction is no easy feat, but bringing beautiful Buechel Stone veneer varieties into the mix (whether Highland Scotch [shown above] or Mill Creek Siena, Fond du Lac Rustic, Texas Cream Cut Stone, or Spalted Oak Ledgestone veneer [all shown below]) help make for beautiful bathroom remodels well worth the investment. Note how the real stone surrounds and accent wall stone colors make for a clean, cohesive bathroom color palettes.

Interior stone veneers bathroom remodel ideas natural stone tub surround accent wall stone interior design
Interior stone color varieties for tub surround, backsplash, and accent wall stone bathroom ideas with natural stone veneering

Kitchen remodel ideas for natural stone range surrounds, accent wall stone veneers, and backsplash inspiration

Mill Creek Country Squire interior stone veneer kitchen idea for range surround

Taking any interior from drab to fab creates the opportunity to further express your values and enhance your lifestyle. We’ve been spending a lot of time in our homes and our personalities are reflected in the interior spaces in which we live. Maybe you’ve tackled it room by room or have prioritized where you spend the majority of your time. For some, a kitchen remodel is the easy answer or the first place that comes to mind. We’ve compiled beautiful interior stone veneer kitchen ideas in Cinnamon Bark Ledgestone, Spalted Oak Ashlar, Fond du Lac Tailored Blend, Mill Creek Country Squire, Mill Creek Siena, and Chilton Rustic and Mill Creek Castle Rock veneers (shown below).

Kitchen remodel ideas natural stone range surrounds accent wall stone colors interior stone veneers
Kitchen ideas for interior stone color varieties with range surrounds, backsplashes, and accent wall stone veneering

Front entrance staircases, indoor / outdoor wall stone veneers, and bedroom remodel ideas with Buechel Stone

Entrance remodel ideas natural stone fireplace surround accent wall stone colors interior stone veneers
Fond du Lac Tailored Blend modern staircase entryway in full or thin stone veneer

We’ve seen everything from an inviting front entrance for an indoor / outdoor design that carries over from an exterior facade to more than just decor for modern rustic bedroom ideas. Contemporary natural stone products with sawn heights – like our Fond du Lac Tailored Blend (shown above) and mix of Fond du Lac and Mill Creek Tailored Blend (pictured below) stone veneers – have proven to add gracious elegance to luxury entryways. While more rustic split stone shapes and organic real stone products, such as Cinnamon Bark Ledgestone, Mill Creek Siena, or Chilton and Fond du Lac Rustic ashlar stone veneers, add warmth and comfort.

Entrance & bedroom remodel ideas accent wall stone colors interior stone veneers
Modern rustic interior stone veneers indoor / outdoor masonry entryway, fireplace, and bedroom remodel ideas

Whether it’s a DIY project and you’re looking for guidance or you’re letting the experts take the project head-on, we can help. We provide the natural stone that makes your project possible while also providing the installations instructions, install details, and much more. Head over to our most popular stone veneer how-to blog “Stone Masonry – There’s a Method to the Madness!” or landscape stone DIY post “Backyard landscaping | How to build a dry stacked stone retaining wall” to take the DIY route or to our Contact Page to get in touch with one of our natural stone rockstar experts.

Everything begins with an idea; whether you see something firsthand, happen upon DIY Pinterest boards and ideas, or even are just catching up with your friends via Facetime or Zoom and get a glance of their newest project results for inspiring one of your own. However it comes about, once you identify your next must-have natural stone look for your home remodel; we’re here to provide best experiences every step of the way. Like we said at the beginning of this post, there’s no better time for safer-at-home makeovers for enjoying beautiful, lasting project results for years to come.

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