Luxury Masonry Alive and Well with Full and Thin Veneer Stone Cut by Buechel

Fond du Lac Rustic veneer stone masonry - Ashlar Stone Veneer - Buechel Stone project gallery photo - Fond du Lac stone fireplace surround
Grand room from the early 2000’s looks as timeless today as it did 20 years ago with Buechel’s Fond du Lac Rustic stone veneer and Indiana cut stone fireplace surround.

“Luxury is in each detail.”

-Hubert de Givenchy

I never thought about stone as a luxury item when I was younger. I had a much more utilitarian view of it. It was used for building masonry walls, retaining ground in a hillside, and just happened to look nice. Of course it was beautiful and unique, but I saw it having a functional purpose. The word luxury for me was something unattainable like a Rolex watch, a private jet or yacht, or a vacation stay at the The Four Seasons. I now realize I didn’t understand what a luxury item was.

The Luxury of Best Experiences in Full and Thin Stone Veneers and Stone Cut by Buechel Stone

As I’ve gained more experience, I started to realize stone – our stone specifically, is a luxury product. It’s not just about the product, but what the product represents and how we were always working to be a company based on best experiences, not just a stone company. A while ago The Home Trust asked Buechel Stone to become a member of their “prestigious network of the world’s finest brand resources for your homes.” At first it was viewed as just another marketing firm trying to sell a service. As time went on and Tracy Lisowe and I were working through marketing strategies, I realized we were missing something and they would be a good partner. Our stone, as great as it is, is really just a small slice of what a client is purchasing. A luxury item is defined by Merriam-Webster as, “something adding to pleasure or comfort but not absolutely necessary”. Centuries ago – stone homes were much more of a necessity. Homes, sheds, foundations, and important structures were built with stone from the inside out. Today, no one needs stone on their house or commercial property. It is a symbol of accomplishment and permanence, and provides pride few other building materials can match.

Fond du Lac Kensington Blend veneer stone masonry - Ashlar Stone Veneer - Buechel Stone project gallery photo
No one needs a four foot Rumford fireplace, but it is often a want. (This stone fireplace features Fond du Lac Kensington Blend with a stone mantel and brick hearth.)

I’ve done some stonework for others throughout the years and even some for myself, so I’ve seen the impact it has on a person when the job is done. People are just giddy about it. They have extreme pride, and it doesn’t have to be a lot of stone. Just to have it be part of their project gives them a sense of accomplishment. It’s really cool to be a part of that experience for them.

Mike Buechel stone masonry for fireplace stone veneer.
I may not be the best…or the fastest…but I get the job done.

When Buechel Stone joined The Home Trust I did an interview for Chris Ramey, President of The Home Trust. As a member, it is important for their community to understand why Buechel Stone is a good partner, and what sets us apart from the rest of the noise going on in the market. That interview is linked here:

Profile picture for Mike Buechel’s ‘Leaders in Luxury and Design’ interview feature with The Home Trust International.

Luxury Best Experiences with Your Only REAL Choice in Stone Veneers and More

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Mike Buechel
COO, Owner
Buechel Stone Corp.

*Editor’s Note: This post was originally published to Mike Buechel’s personal blog Oct. 22, 2019; and has been adapted for the Buechel Stone Press & Blog Oct. 29, 2019. Follow Mike Buechel and/or Buechel Stone on LinkedIn for more articles and stories about everything Buechel.