Made For You: More Than Just Pretty

A few short weeks ago, we celebrated the launch of a sleek new website. It would have been easy to make it all about pretty pictures of stone. Instead, we made it all about you and your experience.  Let’s jump right in.


Our Brag Book is the new go-to destination for anyone who’s passionate about design, architecture, construction, creation, and inspiration. Thousands of photos are organized per project and curated in 21 descriptively titled albums. And because there’re so many, we made it easy to find what you’re looking for using gallery filters and category menus.

Big, beautiful snaps of indoor and outdoor spaces provide inspirational fodder at the top of each page. All visitors will now be able to download high-res photos, and folks that have an affinity for inspired sharing can easily do so on Facebook, Pinterest, Houzz, Twitter, or by simply copying and pasting their favorite projects’ URLs in the email or application of choice.

Since natural stone plays a pretty important role in this awesome selection of projects, you’ll know exactly what products were used in each project with quick reference to the bottom of each page. Click on the stone veneer, landscape stone, or cut stone product swatch to get the full scoop on each one.


Touting ourselves as “The Only Real Choice in Stone” means we better have a robust selection of products. Don’t worry. They’re all on the site.

Our biggest category includes both full bed depth and thin stone veneers, and we call it Building Stone Veneers. That’s right. We don’t discriminate between full thickness and thin stone cladding, which means this category showcases all of our real natural building stone veneers (categorized by pattern) along with the installation accessories associated with best masonry practices. Because there’re sometimes 30+ products per line, we again employed the use of gallery filters and category menus.

Product pages open up with a strong selection of sprawling hero images. Once you’re done swooning over the pics, you might want to explore that informative-looking white box. It pretty much features everything you’d want to know or do when it comes to that product; including downloading architectural assets, ordering samples, or building and submitting for quotes.

What’s the best thing about our product pages? You barely have to do any reading. Images transcend words. To keep things legit, there’re some descriptions and icons that nicely summarize each product. Also, similar products can be referenced at the bottom of each page. Just click on them to look at more photos, or find out more about Instagram to buy Instagram Auto Likes or buy Instagram followers.

Our Cut Stone category features our Architectural Cut Stone and Stone Panels product categories. And if you’re looking for Cobbles and Boulders, Outcroppings, Patio and Paving Stone, Steps, or Wall Stone; you’ll want to check out our Landscape Stone category.


If the name hasn’t already given it away, this part of the site is dedicated to Stone-Savvy Resources. We wanted to provide one spot with accumulative install and tech data for all of our products. No matter who you are or what phase you’re at in a project, you can find most everything you’ll need right here. But if you’ve got something extra special or need a little help, Contact Us. We’ve got some pretty smart stone and masonry nerds and service-minded superstars who’d be happy to work with you.


Although we like to think our mission, values, and culture are subtly infused in every user experience; we dedicated a couple of pages to these pretty important things. For historical relevance and comparative credibility you can explore pics, video, and a bit of light reading on our Buechel Bio page.

“Be Green with Buechel” on a visit to our Sustainability page. Find out more about how building with Buechel is not only a savvy long-term investment, but a showcase of the relationship between nature and creativity – and the artists who live for it.


When in doubt, just scroll down to the footer from any page on our site. Everything I just talked about is right there, along with links to all of your favorite social media platforms. We’re on a bunch of them. (By following us on Instagram, you’ll see at least one project photo a day. And there’s a #ThursdayStoneThread featured every week on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.)

That’s all for today, but we’re already hard at work on our next dose of creative inspiration and resources. And hey, thanks for checking out our new site. As always, we’ll be listening closely to your feedback.

Tracy Lisowe
Marketing Manager
Buechel Stone Corp.