Natural Beauty Comes In All Shapes And Sizes

In elementary school, I remember learning the basic shapes – square, circle, rectangle, triangle, etc. Here in the stone industry, we use those shapes to create the beautiful projects you see. But how can something as simple as a shape affect the overall look of a project? Whether you are looking for something irregular, rectangular, square, or some combination of these, each shape can provide a completely different feel to a house, fireplace, or commercial building. 

This Full Color Castle Rock project showcases a variety of natural stone sizes and shapes.

As a Stone Design Consultant, I’ve taken time to really learn how each shape plays its own unique role in a natural stone building project. There will always be a new fad or trend that people are trying to keep up with. Heck, at this point, what does “contemporary” even mean? Cozy cabin, farmhouse, industrial, French countryside – these have been around for years, and yet they never seem to go out of style, they simply evolve. Aside from natural stone, there are many other factors that determine the style of your project. What siding are you using? Light fixtures? Floor color? Roof color? All of these and many more should be considered when preparing for a remodel or new build. My goal when I’m helping you select your stone is to find a product that fits your style, and ultimately, your vision.  

At Buechel Stone, we provide six different lines of stone to accommodate each of the shape profiles that are seen within the industry – Ashlar, Castle Rock, Dimensional, Webwall, Fieldledge, and Ledgestone. These lines, along with their varying colors, allow us to offer over 120 different products, which makes me confident that at least one of our natural stone products will fit your project.  

Here, I’ll be showing you all the different styles we can achieve within the same color of stone, but with different cuts. With that, let’s get into each of these shapes.  


The most traditional – and one of the most popular – lines of stone is Ashlar. It uses a horizontal pattern with heights ranging from ½” – 6”. Products within this line are produced into rectangular pieces and then laid in a linear pattern for a timeless look. Even with the linear pattern, the use of a natural cleft gives these products just the right amount of texture that many people love. This type of stone is universal and can be used on a variety of house styles ranging from contemporary, to French countryside, craftsman, and rustic. 

Fond du Lac Country Squire from our Ashlar line

For me, this always has been, and always will be, a go-to. Not sure what you’re looking for when you stop into my showroom? Ashlar shapes are a great place to start. The rectangular shape itself is simplistic, so it doesn’t compete with other aspects of your project, and there are so many color variations that there is bound to be something that matches the look you are going for. The size of this product line also happens to be in the sweet spot for projects – you can use this to cover thousands of square feet or a 30 square foot fireplace.  

Another great option when considering Ashlar products are what we call Jumpers. This takes the Ashlar product you love, but gives you larger pieces, ranging in heights from 5”-10”. Jumpers are a good buffer between the Ashlar and Castle Rock products.

Castle Rock

Fond du Lac Castle Rock - Castle stone veneer - Buechel Stone project gallery photo - Fond du Lac Stone with St. Mary Cream Cut Stone
Fond du Lac Castle Rock

Castle Rock is inspired by stone used during medieval times, and as the name would suggest, was used as the building structure of castles. There was no thin and full veneer during this time where a mason could apply a thin stone to a surface; only thick, dense, stone that we now associate with castles. Today, we can replicate that same look using large, rough-cut squares and rectangles in both thin and full veneer to make you feel like royalty. Castle Rock stones can be immense in size, so I always recommend this product as a great option when someone has a large surface area they are trying to cover.


If I had to choose one product line of ours that fit the term “contemporary”, this would be it. We create Dimensional products by sawing the top and bottom of each piece to make it a specific height. In doing this, we create crisp, clean lines that were not possible in the past, resulting in what many consider a modern look. Of all the product lines we provide, I recommend this one if someone is looking for a very uniform, almost panel-like veneer, but still wants the natural texture of stone.

Custom blend of Fond du Lac Tailored Blend and Buff Gray Tailored Blend


Our Mosaic products – also known as Webwall or Fieldstone – use irregular, random shapes that resemble a mix of circular and pentagonal shapes. With this product, masons really get the chance to let their inner artist shine as they find just the right spot for each piece of stone. This line is often seen on houses using styles such as rustic and cozy cabin. While often applied using a raked mortar joint, this line could also be used with an over grouted joint to create the look of fieldledge, but larger.  

Highland Scotch Webwall

The chimney chase featured in the photo above uses Highland Scotch Webwall. You can see the way the brown and gold tones in this stone compliment the brown siding and roof color yet creates enough contrast to be its own statement piece on this rustic cabin home. In this case, the stone itself is an amazing feature, but it compliments everything else about the house.


When we combine smaller, irregular shapes from our Mosaic line and the layered look of our Ledgestone line, we create a unique, rural, and rustic vibe that is Fieldledge. This product highlights stone from a time when masonry served as a structural building product. Very often we see the products from this line used on the exteriors of cabins and farmhouses.

Spalted Oak Siena

You’ll often see us use the term “Siena” to describe this product line, and it is most often installed with an over-grouted mortar to really give off an old-world, rustic look, similar to older barns. Don’t let the phrase “old-world” fool you; this is really coming back into style, and the only thing “old” about it is the stone that’s been in the ground for millions of years. Plus, when you work with a skilled mason, you can create a beautiful, cozy atmosphere with these products.  


Narrow, oblong, rectangular shapes describe our Ledgestone product line. Each piece is stacked one on top the other using a drystack method. Products in this line are often used on smaller projects such as fireplaces and accent walls, but can create an impressive, monolithic appearance on large-scale projects. Often, this look can be seen in a rustic, craftsman style home.  

Cinnamon Bark Ledgestone

If there’s one thing I love most about ledgestone, it’s that it has so much texture. When you combine this look with more simplistic details in a house, you have yourself a serious statement piece! Ledgestone differs from other stones because it isn’t meant to be applied with a mortar joint, meaning that you get to see the full beauty of each of the small pieces being stacked together. There are some pieces that jut out more than others to create dimensions in the stone, even in a thin veneer. It’s also an artform in and of itself for a mason to take all the irregular pieces from the box and fit them together just right so that there are no gaps.  

Whatever You Choose Will Be Uniquely Yours

Not only are these product lines beautiful on their own, but you can mix and match different lines to create a blend to fit your design dream. For example, our Kensington blends use a combination of Ashlar and Castle Rock pieces, and our Heritage blends mix Ashlar and Webwall products. Even if we haven’t mixed certain products before, it doesn’t mean that you can’t! The fun thing about natural stone is that no two projects or pieces are going to be the exact same – you get to have a one-of-a-kind masterpiece on your exterior, fireplace, walkway, or whereever you choose to install natural stone. Don’t get me wrong, if you are looking for a stone match, I’ll find you a product that does just that, but it is still going to be uniquely yours. 

My opinion on natural stone in design? It never goes out of style. And if that isn’t enough to get you hooked, just look back thousands of years throughout history. Stone has been used to build some of the most stable, durable, and beautiful structures this world has ever seen – castles, walls, waterfalls, and more. Even better – it’s made to last. Your stone will look as good years from now as it did the day it was installed. Now the only question is, which stone will you choose?

Mill Creek Tailored Blend & Fond du Lac Tailored Blend

Let us help you select the perfect natural stone shape and color for your project. Visit your nearest Buechel Stone Design Center, or if you are not near a showroom, reach out to your local Territory Sales Specialist. We look forward to helping you make your vision a reality by providing you with the best natural stone experience, from inspiration to installation.

Dominique Von Wald
Stone Design Consultant
Buechel Stone Design Center – Minneapolis, MN