Natural Stone Architecture and Design Resources Through The Decades

As the saying goes, if it isn’t broken don’t fix it. When it comes to natural stone veneer architecture and landscape design resources, we do our best to really listen to the creative talent that inspires us. But how do we recognize and really know that even when something isn’t broken, it needs our attention? Best experiences aren’t mediocre, so we’re always looking for ways to go from good to great. Throughout the years we’ve done our best to reach out to architecture and interior design communities so we can keep out-doing ourselves…and we’re not stopping there.


Stone Design Consultant, Megan

Fall of 2019, Megan joined our team of #Rockstars as a Stone Design Consultant. Whether it’s speaking the language of the design professionals involved during the selection process or assisting with renderings for the actual project owner, she has the ability elevate natural stone inspiration to the next level. So when a client is having a difficult time picturing their entire project, Megan steps in to consult. With as little as dimensioned PDF vector drawings or construction drawings provided for the project, she can build renderings in the appropriate software program. From there she can bring the project to life by adding details such as Buechel Stone’s seamless textures (from our Resources page), siding options, window details, roofing and more.

Rendering done by Megan using Chilton Cambrian Blend

Recently, Megan went to a client meeting with one of our sales reps. The customer was having a difficult time visualizing different natural stone veneer products on their project. They were unsure of what products to use and didn’t want their building to look like all of the other buildings in the area. Megan created a few different renderings and they were very impressed with what they saw. Megan’s keen eye and attention to detail provided the customer with everything they needed to feel confident using the perfect natural stone veneer for their one-of-a-kind project.

“I think the renderings really helped them visualize what our stone would look like on their building! Sometimes the samples don’t show all the colors in context and this is a good way to give a rough idea of the final product.”
– Megan, Stone Design Consultant


Natural Stone Veneer Website re-vamp in 2017
Buechel Stone website re-vamp 2017

In 2017 we completed a complete overhaul of our website and designed it to be simple, clean, sleek, and modern. We also added a section for our “Resources” page, which features comprehensive resources for nearly every type of natural stone project; whether you’re the architect, mason, project owner or anyone in between. From our resource page, you can download content such as high-res swatches, installation details, seamless textures, all of our ASTM and specs data, and more. Like I said, everything you need is right there.

Natural Stone Colors Feature Image - Colors for Real Stone Veneers, Cut Stone, Landscape Stone
Color and pattern trends are incorporated into product selection.

Some of our past blogs have touched on timeless natural stone design in relation to color and pattern trends in architecture for full and thin stone cladding and landscaping. We noticed that color plays a significant role in our industry, so we felt the need to show you how colorful and beautiful natural stone can be. Our product literature played a big role in this. With a light and airy design concept, we made our stone product swatches larger to fit more natural stone beauty in print. We also made sure that these swatches would not only be accurate but eye-catching by completely redoing all of the swatches with new photography to upgrade to professional image quality. This brings a combination of gorgeous project photos in conjunction with close up shots of natural stone in swatch form for better visualization of the application for your next project. We continued to organize swatches per product line starting with warm fiery, earth, and honey tones to neutral shadow, and finishing with cool sky and arctic tones.

So those are some of the things we’ve done in the past to keep up with the times. But what are we doing now?


Buechel Stone Full & Thin Veneer Stone Products on Material Bank Stone Sampling

In the past six months we’ve joined up with Material Bank, the fastest and most powerful way to search and sample materials. Material Bank powers complex searches across hundreds of manufacturers and thousands of materials in seconds. Which means Buechel Stone’s full and thin veneer stone and architectural stone cut samples are just a small fraction of the sampling needs A+D professionals are able to fulfill using Material Bank. Architects and interior designers can sample everything from carpet to wood to upholstery to wall coverings and paint plus so much more. All sample orders are shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight at no cost. And regardless of the number of manufacturers sampled, everything delivers in a single box.

So yeah, nothing is broken. But we’re always looking for ways to upgrade ourselves. That keeps us at the top of our game for your future project needs. Join Our Newsletter or follow us on your favorite social media platform (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest) to be notified of everything we’re doing to ensure a future built on shared project successes. Stay tuned for more upgrades coming soon in 2020 – for even better best experiences from concept to completion in the months and years to come. 

Brianne Lisowe-Johnson
Marketing Coordinator
Buechel Stone Corp