Natural Stone Veneers Shine Bright with #Rockstar Territory Specialists

As with anything else, even the most well-prepared natural stone veneer, landscape stone, or custom architectural stone cut project doesn’t come without its pains. However, when you’re working with one of Buechel Stone’s #rockstar specialists, you’ll find how quickly they personalize your project to get to the root of what’s important for minimizing and eliminating your pains and maximizing all of the gains that come with a Buechel best experience. (If only there was someone who could do that in every aspect of life!) Read on to find out more about how our rockstars are trained to answer all of your questions – even the ones you didn’t know you had.

Knowledge & Talent Pooling – Perfect Practice Makes for Beautiful Stone Projects

Sales team staff participating in quarterly meeting
Sales team staff participating in quarterly meeting.

When it comes to creating and building with stone, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone with a natural stone product selection large enough to offer the perfect natural stone color, cut, and style for nearly any region; much less an industry innovator with the ability to provide the right resources (architecture / design / tech and spec data) at every stage for everything from the largest and most complex projects down to embracing the details of a few square feet. And even if you discover a stone veneer supplier or manufacturer with both of the above, you’ll won’t find anyone with the combined years of knowledge and expertise that Buechel Stone continues to build.

We recently had a #rockstar reunion to bring us together from across the US and Canada for a two-day training session; and used it as an opportunity to grow as a holistic team from each others strengths. Just like how no two projects or natural stone pieces are the same, no two regions are alike. It was fascinating to acknowledge the differences and tie together the similarities, as well as realize how important it is to really listen and engage in what’s important to every type of client and customer – no matter whose backyard they call home. But the most important work wasn’t done in the training; instead it’s what we’re doing with it moving forward. Ted Nicholas said it best, “Knowledge without action, is like having no knowledge at all!”

Generational family owned natural stone veneer business
Ma and Pa Buechel’s knowledge of natural stone veneer was passed on to future generations.

Natural Stone Knowledge for Those Who Inspire Us Most

Throughout the two-day workshop, we dedicated a majority of our time to how we can better help overcome the pains that can sometimes come with the creative and construction process of building with stone. We put ourselves in the shoes of architects, designers, engineers, dealers, builders, landscapers, contractors, masons, consultants, homeowners, and everyone in between; and in the spirit of great respect for everything that you do we set the intention of creating more gains for everyone we touch – whether through our products, resources/services, or knowledge; with our #rockstar stone experts and sales specialists at the center of it all.

Kim, Rick, and Steve presenting their workshop’s results.

From an architecture / interior design and construction engineering management standpoint, Steve Bosco and Phil Weber tackled how we can better create more gains and work to alleviate the pains faced by the A&ID community. In a world where project schedules and billable hours are key, we put a focus on time-saving efforts. It’s the reason we currently offer downloadable per product BIM & CAD software / spec / image resources and architectural assets; over 18 file blocks of cumulative stone-savvy tech Resources from our dedicated web page; and free overnight stone veneer and cut stone panels sampling through Material Bank – just to name a few. As an AIA-CES provider, one of our favorite ways to engage with A&ID talent is through face-to-face box lunch presentations or distance ed AIA certified courses that meet Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) criteria for LU | HSW credit. To us, offering credits is secondary to keeping a finger on the pulse with what’s important to those who create the spaces that shape our world.

Buechel Stone - full thin stone veneers & per stone product files

Our mason and general contractor focus group thought process was centered on the art and profitability of project preparations for a well-run job site to make everyone’s lives easier. We know that construction teams of contractors and masons are some of the hardest working people in the building material industry; and their time and talent is valuable. Rick Schneider and Erik Kral thought about their pains and concentrated on how we can create more gains. Along with advocating best practices for masonry construction and providing installation details for moisture management; our production #rockstars help ensure quality control through on-site mock-ups that communicate product and installation expectations to everyone involved. And our territory sales specialists prioritize their availability for onsite assistance to answer any questions the mason or contractor might have – whatever we need to do to follow through on our promise of best experiences through to project completion.

Mock-up panel on job site
Mock-up panel on job site

We also dedicated a lot of time and attention from the perspective of the project owner / homeowner. After all, the purpose of our combined efforts is to transform their vision to reality – so it all starts with them. But sometimes their biggest pain can be having to make too many decisions from an overwhelming variety of options! Our goal is to guide them through the process with a simplified focus for an exciting project journey that’s authentic to their original vision. Kim Meredith, Frank Jewett, and Bill McConnell were our thought leaders for how to maximize gains and reduce pains from the perspective of project owners. Kim, Frank, Bill, and all of the Buechel Stone specialists identify with what inspiration we have provided, such as an image that an owner might have shared with us from Pinterest, and work closely with the client on transforming their vision to reality.

Buechel Stone veneers on Pinterest
Buechel Stone’s Pinterest account.

Our sales team is group of top-notch individuals who thrive when working together with our impeccable production team – all part of the well-oiled machine that is Buechel Stone Corp. Share your experience working with any of our Territory Sales Specialist by tagging us on social media (@buechelstone). Your success stories inspire and re-inspire us and others. Join Our Newsletter or follow us on your favorite social media platform (FacebookLinkedInTwitterYouTubePinterest) to be notified of everything we’re doing to ensure a future built on shared project successes. Cheers to our fellow creators and a future filled with collaborative relationships that wouldn’t be possible without people like you in winning combination with our stone experts and territory sales specialists.

Brianne Lisowe-Johnson
Marketing Coordinator
Buechel Stone Corp.