New Literature

2017 has been an exciting year. A total eclipse occurred in the United States; Black Sabbath played their last concert in their hometown of Birmingham, England; Tupac was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; and “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” premiered. But even through all of that hustle and bustle, Buechel Stone has their own excitement that’s all the buzz – new literature.

Buechel Stone’s New Literature from Buechel Stone Corp. on Vimeo.

To match the kickoff of our new website in Spring of 2017, we decided our product literature needed a facelift as well. When designing this piece we kept in consideration the mindsets of architects, designers, and all of our valued industry influencers; and the best way to do that was to dedicate a few pages to them – 21 to be exact. We’re sharing the “True Stories” of architects, masons, designers, and dealers to show everyone that we’re all one in the same with our own unique talents. Our stone goes through inspirational hands to create gorgeous projects. And of course we made sure to showcase the best of the best project photos throughout our entire literature.


With a light and airy design concept, we made our stone swatches larger to be able to show you more natural stone beauty. We also made sure that these swatches would catch your eye by completely redoing all of the photos of the swatches – to make sure they made your gaze turn from gorgeous project photos to even more detailed close up shots of our stone in swatch form. We kept the organization of swatches per product line the same – starting at fiery tones; working through earth, honey, shadow, and sky; and finishing up with arctic tones, as seen previously. We also kept your pocketbooks in mind and added the feature of price level indications – so you can stay within an estimate of your budget.

Besides revamping our current website and literature, we opened up an additional facility in Marion, North Carolina. That’s where many of our 2017 new products are born; like Black Frost Castle Rock, Barnwood Blue Ledgestone, Highland Scotch Tailored Fieldledge, and Spalted Oak Siena. All of which can be found in our new literature (you can download a digital copy using this link), as well as on our website.

So go ahead and download it. We even made a video that takes you through a quick page-through for your convenience.  When you’re done checking out the video, head over to the “True Stories” section of our website – and find the first few featured videos (with more to come) of talented influencers. See who you might share your own inspiring true story with…


Brianne Lisowe
Marketing Coordinator
Buechel Stone Corp.