New panels from start to finish

Hard to believe it’s time to start planning for 2014 already, but let’s face it, the year is just flying by again. Here’s to the start of new panels and products for next year!











The great thing is we’re taking down some old manufactured stone too! What’s manufactured stone you ask? We’ll it’s just what the name implies. It’s “stone” made in a factory at it’s best, made in someone’s garage at it’s worst. Basically if you take a little concrete and add a little paint, you got fake stone:)!


Here’s a the video to show teardown in action!


…and now for the new panels!
IMG_1114 IMG_1115 IMG_1118 IMG_1119 IMG_1123 IMG_1126
IMG_1129 IMG_1149 IMG_1151 IMG_1156 IMG_1157
Be watching for more information and other new products for 2014!

Mike Buechel
V.P. Operations and Marketing