Stone Product Literature – Trends, Forecasts, & Survey for Success

Finding the right balance between trendy and timeless means you’ll love it now and for years to come. With each new edition of our stone product literature, we’re doing our best to inspire an enjoyable journey. We understand that the facing of your project is a big decision. Requirements vary and the selection process is different for everyone. Just like the definition of living a balanced life is different for all of us – whether it’s spiritual, occupational, or familial. It’s an ongoing battle as we set time-bound goals that require temporary imbalance. And if you’re like me, you’re constantly reprioritizing based on accumulated experience and where you are in life.

Color Trends & Forecasts

Like the dynamics of our lives; the ever-changing trends of color are relatable and personal choices that act as a guide. Color influences everything from what we notice to how we taste. While trends are clearly laid out, the path to determining the best color combination and stone product selection for you depends on your own diverse associations. And colors are cyclical. We get bored, move on, and like them again in a reimagined way. The good news is that the natural hues in many of our stone blends have proven to be a timelessly adaptable constant – a chameleon of sorts – amidst the progression of color schemes.

Sherwin Williams 2019 color forecast with complimentary Buechel Stone product swatches

For example, the warm gray shadow tones of Barnwood Blue Ashlar played easily into the neutral palettes of 2017, rich earth tones of 2018, and Sherwin Williams’ predicted 2019 color schemes of Wanderer and Naturalist. The same could be said of the rich earth and fiery tones of Antique Copper Country Castle Rock with Benjamin Moore’s vivid Caliente accents of 2018 and Sherwin Williams’ 2019 color palette prediction of Raconteur. And the cool neutral sky and arctic tones in our Chilton and Fond du Lac Country Squires nicely compliment many of the sophisticated, minimalist pallets and statement colors of 2018 and are a sure fit for similar color schemes in 2019, such as Sherwin Williams’ Enthusiast, Naturalist, or Shapeshifter predictions.

Types, Patterns, & Colors in Stone Product Literature

Because of the strong influence of color and pattern during the selection process; our building stone veneer products are arranged stylistically first according to pattern groups (i.e. ashlar, castle rock, etc), then according to the most dominant color tone(s): fiery, earth, honey, shadow, sky, and arctic. We used to organize them by pattern group and alphabetically according to their Buechel branded names. But in 2015 we started showcasing products by color tone to serve as a better resource. Although our stone product literature has gone through quite a progression over the years, it’s always made sense to organize our products first according to type: Building Stone Veneers, Cut Stone, and Landscape Stone.

Buechel Stone Product Literature Progression Over the Years

When designing our latest piece (digital copy available for download using this link or click here to view in a new tab), we added more details with bigger visuals while telling some pretty amazing true life stories; with hopes of better assisting and connecting with those who inspire us most. Based on your feedback about the previous version of our stone product literature, we made sure to showcase the best of the best inspirational project images from multiple categories; including fireplace, interior, and exterior installations in a variety of residential and commercial settings. In the footer, we invite you to discover even more project photos at

Buechel Stone Product Project Photos from Brag Book Image Gallery

Complementary to viewing our stone in the context of a completed project; we professionally photographed more detailed shots of our stone panels in swatch form. We also enlarged our stone swatches for better close-ups in conjunction with recent project photos for gorgeous side-by-side comparisons.

Buechel Stone Product Swatches Side-by-Side with Project Photo

True Stories & Tech Details

But an exceptional selection of best products is just the beginning. After all, what makes Buechel Stone unique is what we do throughout your project. Your vision becomes ours. Your concerns become our worries. We felt that the best way to show that commitment to you, would be to share the inspirational True Stories of those who make it all possible. So our 2017/2018 stone product literature includes pages dedicated to the life journeys of builders, masons, architects, dealers, and other valued industry influencers. Because just like in stone masonry, when all of the pieces are put together the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

Buechel Stone Architect and Industry Influencers Plus Stone Resources

Along with relatable True Stories from all over North America, we also differentiate ourselves with the details. We added price level categories, diagrams, and technical and specification information to our most recent stone product literature. Along with color tone identification; a price level of bronze, silver, gold, or platinum is indicated below every building stone veneer product swatch. A few pages are dedicated to technical details and installation information for quick reference on paper before determining the need to access more in-depth digital resources online.

Buechel Stone Product Literature Technical and Information Diagrams

You Inspire Us. But What Inspires You?

2019’s colors are already forecasted and design trends will come and go; so what does all of this mean for you and for us? If we have the power to change anything and we’re working together, let’s create the best inspirations for the places you work and live. Your project results – and you – inspire us most. So we’re looking for your feedback. What inspires you? If you’d do us the honor of taking a super-simple 4-minute survey about our current stone product literature, you’d really help us out. We’d love to hear your thoughts so that we can make your future Buechel Stone experiences better and better.

Push Play to Take Buechel Stone Product Literature Survey

Share your ideas. Shape the future. It’s that simple. Survey results are completely anonymous, so go ahead and be as real as our stone. We want to hear it all and look forward to your honest opinions. If you haven’t already, JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER to be notified of everything our team of Buechel Stone #Rockstars is doing to ensure a future built by your own project success stories. Thank you for making us one of your project selections and sharing your inner greatness. Cheers!

Tracy Lisowe
Marketing Director
Buechel Stone Corp.

*Editor’s Note: This post was originally published Mar. 25, 2015, and has been revamped and updated Sept. 5, 2018.