Penny War Results = Priceless

This year’s Penny War got personal. And the results were priceless. Here’s why.

Penny War Fundraising Teams








Buechel Stone’s Penny War is also a wellness challenge. Points are accumulated and deducted according to steps, coins, and dollar bills. Sixteen participants formed teams that competed for one of five local causes. Things got personal when participants started nominating non-profits that would benefit kids like Braeden and Wyatt. Wyatt is my son.

This year’s challenge ran from May 18th to May 27th. Pedometers for 16 participants tracked over 2.15 million steps for an average of over 13,400 steps per person each day. Pennies in each charity team’s jar counted as point adds, and other forms of money were put into competitors’ jars as deductions. When the dust settled over $840 was collected from the donation buckets, and Buechel Stone Corp. donated an additional $685 among all of the nonprofits.

Spoiler alert (if you didn’t watch the video yet): The five local nonprofits benefitting from our most recent competition are listed below, in order of the final standings:
1. Team Braeden (Road to the Presidential Inauguration/Childhood Cancer Awareness)
2. Helping PAWS Pet Rescue Inc.
3. 4 Paws for Ability in Honor of Wyatt Lisowe (Autism Service Dog Fundraiser)
4. Operation Homefront
5. Boys & Girls Club of Fond du Lac

All of these non-profits are very worthwhile causes, so I was touched when our competitors insisted on giving 4 Paws for Wyatt a disproportionate share of the donations. It ended up being so much more than a wellness challenge punctuated by corporate stewardship. When we were busy counting steps and watching pennies, the character of our organizational culture overshadowed last year’s Penny War rivalries. Regardless of the money, it was one of those meaningful experiences that’s always going to stick with you; because the people added the meaning to make it matter.

Thank you to everyone that contributed to this year’s Penny War fundraiser! Whether you racked up steps for wellness, added currency to a fundraising bucket, or bought or sold bake-sale goods; you opened up your hearts to help make a difference. In a world where there’s no separation between corporate culture and brand, it’s great to be the Marketing Manager at Buechel Stone. Because, “Brands that have tribe thrive!” –Bernard Kelvin Clive

Tracy Lisowe
Marketing Manager
Buechel Stone Corp.