Chilton Shims

Stone Type

Dolomitic Limestone

Product Category

Landscape Stone
Natural Stone Colors

Product Line

Patio and Paving Stone
Sky Stone Colors
Wall Stone
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Architectural Assets

Everything you need to get inspired and specify with Chilton Garden Stone and Shims: Spec sheet, general specs with ASTM standards, MSDS data, high-res swatches, and inspirational project photos. Happy downloading!

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Chilton Shims
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Product Description

Chilton Shims bring sky tones to our Patio and Paving and Wall Stone Lines. Shims aid in the installation of wall stone to help level layers on the wall, are used for retaining ground on small walls, and can be used as stepping stones. Chilton Shims range in diameters of irregular shapes from 4″ to 10″ and are available in heights from 3/4″ to 3″. Their natural color range includes purples, lavenders, mauves, grays, buffs, blues, and browns.

Stone-Savvy Resources

Increase your stone-savvy with instant download access to the best in natural stone architectural, technical, and specification information for full and thin stone veneers, cut stone, and landscape stone resources including: BIM, CAD, Specs, 3-Part Specs, ASTM Data, Masonry & Install Details, Safety Data, Hatch Patterns, Seamless Textures, Maintenance Instruction, AIA-CES Courses, and more. We’re doing all we can to make it easier for you to do more of what you love.

Install & Tech Data

Primary Color Tones

Sky Tones


Irregular (Outcroppings)

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