Jute Cloth Country Squire Home Exterior

Imagine rounding the corner on a peaceful evening walk through your new neighborhood. Up ahead, your newly-finished home comes into sight. As you approach the driveway, you pause and take note of how all the exterior materials harmonize with one another, and how the natural stone and wood details add unique character. You find yourself still in awe at how these elements came together from an early vision, to samples and mood boards, to 2D elevations and 3D renderings, to finally this: your home. Your masterpiece.

This home’s exterior builds off of traditional Craftsman hallmarks like the use of natural materials, large windows, and gable roofs by also incorporating clean lines and a contemporary color palette. The black of the awnings, roof, and dormer transition softly into the dark, olive green siding. The golden tones of the cedar bring out the warmer buff tones in the Jute Cloth Country Squire stone. The stones’ naturally rough shapes are contrasted by the clean lines of the cedar, siding, and windows. All these natural color tones come together to create a work of art and a lasting impression.

Jute Cloth Country Squire is a natural limestone containing buff and cream colors with the occasional blue-grey veining that adds beautiful, subtle detail. The arctic and honey tones combine to create a smooth, velvety beige finish for any installation style, ensuring a timeless natural look. Consisting of hand-trimmed squares and rectangles shaped by trained craftsmen, the linear appearance of Jute Cloth Country Squire and other similar products from our Ashlar Line results in the most traditional masonry application.

There are countless ways that you can use Jute Cloth Country Squire for interior and exterior designs. Whatever your vision, you can be certain you’ll have a one-of-a-kind creation that will last a lifetime!

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