Proud to be the Newest Family Business First Awards Winner

Everyone wants to work at a company that treats people right – even better if there’s a successful history to go with it. You might expect that a family-owned business would have that type of reputation, but a stone quarry probably wouldn’t be your first guess. I know that Buechel Stone is a good place to work because I experience it every day; so I thought it was pretty great when First Business formally acknowledged the company at the Annual Family Business First Awards Ceremony as a family business making a difference in Northeast Wisconsin.

You can watch the brief history and overview video created about Buechel Stone and shown at the Family Business First Awards celebration below:

It was fun to get “gussied up” to attend the 19th Annual Wisconsin Family Business Forum Celebration and see First Business recognize Buechel Stone and the family members that make it succeed. Along with being family-owned and managed; businesses that are nominated have a success story in sales, innovation, economic impact, profits, employment, and a history of giving back to the communities in which they operate.

Past winners of the Family Business First Awards share a similar success story; there are always more than a few hiccups along the way and every generation of leadership has some proving to do with new obstacles to overcome. Buechel Stone is no exception. Throughout our 50+ year history (from 1964 to today), Buechel Stone has pioneered several industry-leading initiatives; all while adapting to numerous changes and challenges along the way.

And the Buechels will be the first to admit that some lessons were learned the hard way! But through it all, they continue to value the importance of all of our families (whether our name is on the front door or not) and invest the cost and effort it takes to make sure that we understand we are an essential part of the company’s success.

It must be a pretty great place to work if the retirees can’t stay away. Ma Buechel still shows up on a regular basis and helps send out product literature; plus she keeps up company morale by bringing some awesome homemade pies and tortes. The rest of the Buechel Family inherited that same love for the business and for helping the community.

Buechel Stone Corp is an amazing family business that can claim a high level of resilience and longevity. We live by our mission statement “to provide the best, most dependable experience in the natural stone industry – guaranteed” and we use that mission to encompass everything we do – for our customers, for our employees, and for our communities. I’m proud to be a part of Buechel Stone and excited about our continued commitment to growth.

To see highlights from the 2015 Annual Family Business First Awards Ceremony, you can watch the photo slideshow below. (Doesn’t Ma Buechel look great!?!)

Tracy Lisowe
Marketing Manager
Buechel Stone Corp.