Natural Stone Veneers Connect Us to Nature & Green Architecture

Whether or not you identify yourself as an outdoorsy person, we all have an innate affection for animals, plants, and living things in general; along with a preference for natural environments. It’s rooted in our genetics – we need nature in a deep and fundamental way. Not only does natural stone fit within a sustainable, holistic framework as an earth-friendly product; but exterior architecture and interior designs incorporating real stone veneers and stone details reconnect people and nature.

Fond du Lac & Mill Creek Tailored Blend veneer stone masonry - stone cutting - stacked stone - Buechel Stone project gallery photo - exterior & interior stone veneer - stone fireplace

Natural stone is an obvious choice for incorporating into biophilic design, an architectural concept that incorporates natural materials, lighting, vegetation, and other spatial conditions and experiences relating to the natural world into the modern built environment. In fact, we have countless examples of our full and thin stone veneers featured in interior and exterior residential and commercial designs. Numerous studies have shown improvements in the health and well-being of occupants as a benefit of improving a connection to nature in the spaces where we live and work. 

Fond du Lac & Mill Creek Tailored Blend veneer stone masonry - stone cutting - stacked stone - Buechel Stone project gallery photo - interior stone veneer - stone home - stone fireplace

Natural Full & Thin Stone Veneers Connect Us With Nature

Our Brag Book and Pinterest boards are filled with interior design spaces and exterior architecture that connect people and nature using real stone veneers – health care facilities where patients heal faster in less pain, educational spaces with increased rates of attendance and better test scores, offices where workers are more creative and productive, and communities and homes where people know their neighbors and families thrive. Whether featuring interior stone veneer accents, exterior stone veneer complementary to other cladding, or a winning combination of both; the use of natural materials textures, patterns, and colors has been proven to improve the psychological and physiological effects of the built environment.

Cinnamon Bark Ledgestone veneer - ledge stone veneer - real stone masonry mortar & stacked stone fireplace surround - Buechel Stone project gallery photo - interior stone veneer

Interior stone veneers effortlessly connect you with nature by literally bringing the outdoors in. Exterior architectural stone veneers seamlessly complement the surrounding landscape with exceptional visual appeal that will endure changing trends and last for years to come.

Black Frost Siena veneer stone masonry - fieldledge stone veneer - fieldstone + ledgestone veneer blend - Buechel Stone project gallery photo - Full & Thin Stone Veneer ASTM Specs

Why Buechel Stone Veneers Are Your Only Real Choice

We all know that authentic natural stone veneers are timelessly beautiful, and our innate human attraction to nature helps us understand why natural stone is so much more inviting and welcoming than even the best manufactured stone options. Buechel Stone relies on only the finest quarriers, artisans, and experts to craft 100% real stone from material created billions of years ago as Mother Earth was coming into existence. It doesn’t get more natural than that.

castle stone veneer masonry - Chilton rustic veneer stone - modern rustic stone home design - Mill Creek castle rock & Chilton ashlar stone masonry - Chilton landscape stone design project photo

Not all natural stone products are created equal, so when it comes time to select full or thin stone veneer for your project, be sure that you’ve done your research. Remember, what makes us unique is what we do throughout your project. Your vision becomes ours. Your concerns become our worries. With Buechel Stone, an exceptional selection of quality building stone veneers is just the beginning of best experiences with a company that’ll be there from concept to completion.

Highland Scotch Siena veneer stone masonry - fieldstone veneer & ledgestone veneer - Buechel Stone project gallery photo - exterior stone veneer - stone home pillars

Best Experiences In Natural Stone Veneers

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Tracy Lisowe
Marketing Director
Buechel Stone Corp.